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Gorgeous Living Room Ceiling Lighting Options

In addition to the plate project of the gorgeous living room ceiling, the living room ceiling cannot be decorated with one or more lamps, and the lighting is used to create the atmosphere. Gorgeous ceilings often recommend using chandeliers to dress the space. It should be noted that the height of the chandeliers is the lowest It should be no less than 2.2 meters above the ground. The following editors explain to you the types of living room ceiling lamps.

Crystal chandelier

Most of the crystal chandeliers are made of imitation crystals, and they are made of high-tech materials with excellent quality. It has always shown people with glamorous luster, exquisite and attractive curves, and crystal clear body, which shows the luxury of the European court aristocracy in the 18th century. It is the nobility revealed in the bone of crystal lamp. It has always been the first choice for gorgeous decoration. If you use a crystal chandelier as the main light source in the living room, you need to equip it with some auxiliary lights to set off its charming charm. In order for a crystal lamp to take full advantage of its refractive effect, it is best to choose ordinary translucent glass bulbs instead of frosted or colored bulbs.


Cone-shaped lanterns, pointed flat lanterns, waistband lanterns, magnolia lanterns … This type of chandeliers with lampshades and geometric shapes or petal shapes is undoubtedly cumbersome in shape. Shelves are often equipped with ironwork and carved patterns, and the lights are warm yellow, giving a noble and charming feel, creating a magnificent ceiling space.

Chinese style lamp

The shape of the Chinese-style hood lamp is classical and gorgeous, and the bright light feeling gives a warm and joyful atmosphere, and the Chinese pattern will inform those flamboyant guests, this is a stable and not style space. It should be noted that the specifications and style of the lamps should be consistent with the living room facilities. Also, if you want eye-catching screens and decorations, you must add spotlights.


The chandelier is the most commonly used ornate lighting decoration most commonly used in ceilings, with two or more lamp arms that support the light source. Chandeliers are generally gorgeous, with dozens of lamps and complex glass or crystal arrays, which illuminate the space by refracting light. Most are cast in metal, and there are also carved and gilded wood.

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