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Home Lighting Feng Shui Taboo

  1. Colors of home study lights

There are many colors of lights, and people’s first impressions of things often come from colors. Therefore, when choosing a study lamp, you must pay attention to the color. Generally speaking, the light in the study should not be too bright. On the one hand, it is not in line with the feng shui attention of the “dark room in the bright hall”. On the other hand, excessively bright light will cause overhead to the user’s eyes, and it is easier to increase human visual fatigue. sense. Therefore, the color of the home study lamp is preferably light yellow. In order to better facilitate family self-study and office, you can also place an eye-protection desk lamp on the desk, which not only saves energy, but also protects users Vision is healthy.

  1. Types of home study lights

In order to better meet the market needs of different consumers, the types of study lights on the market are also endless. In the study feng shui, there are also many types of lighting fixtures. If the freedom of choice is inappropriate, it will not only bring inconvenience to family self-study or work, but also hinder the adjustment of feng shui in the study. First of all, table lights with light-emitting diode light sources are more commonly used in study rooms. This type of lights not only has a variety of effects, but also plays a role in saving energy, so it can be said to be a relatively good free choice. However, the poor quality of the LED light can make people feel dazzling, which prevents the protection of the user’s eyesight, and it is more likely to cause a certain negative impact on the stability of the study feng shui. Therefore, everyone must be more careful and careful when selecting such lights. Secondly, the light of energy-saving lights is more rounded and closer to daylight, so it is also suitable for use in the study. It can not only meet the market demand of family self-study work, but also play a role in regulating feng shui. In addition, incandescent lights are also very commonly used in life, but this type of lights is very suitable for use in the study, and it is more likely to negatively affect the light effect of the entire study, thereby hindering self-study or work, and also has a certain effect on the sustainable development of the study.

  1. 3.The shape of the home study lights

In order to create better study feng shui, everyone should pay attention to the free choice of shape when selecting the study lighting. Among the many lamp shapes, circles and squares are more suitable for use in the study. Do not choose some strange-shaped lights to avoid destroying the feng shui of the study. The circular lights can not only strengthen the cohesion between family members, but also give people a peaceful and stable atmosphere, preventing changes in mood and adversely affecting self-study or work. In addition, in Feng Shui, the square represents the earth. The use of square lights in the study can not only make the lazy person look down-to-earth, improve his self-control ability, but also give people a sense of order and self-learning. Or work according to plan to prevent blindness and improve efficiency.

  1. 4.The number of home study lights

The atmosphere in the study should be quiet and peaceful, so as to help users calm down and study or work seriously. Therefore, the arrangement of study lights must also pay attention to the number of Feng Shui. Generally, it should not be arranged too much, so as not to obstruct the magnetic field, make users unable to be quiet, unable to concentrate, and hinder the efficiency of self-study or work. Secondly, from the perspective of feng shui, the study can freely choose 4 or 6 lamp holders, because 4 and 6 symbolize the fame and career path, which can improve the feng shui of the study, and make the user’s academic or career a higher level. In addition, do not use lights with 3, 5. Seven lamp heads in the study to avoid negatively affecting the family ’s career and health.

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