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How to Choose the Color of Crystal Chandelier?

  1. It’s better to focus on warm colors for home lighting

The color of crystal lamp represents the power of Yin Yang and five elements. Among the colors of red orange, yellow green, blue and violet, red, orange and yellow light sources are warm light sources, green, green, blue and purple are cold light sources, while people’s home is mainly sunny, so the color of lamp decoration should also be warm light. The color of crystal lamp should be warm, and the surrounding can be matched with white light source.

  1. Select according to function

Crystal chandelier can help improve the financial situation. Generally, you can choose Amethyst, topaz and green ghost. The role of Amethyst and green ghost is fortune, while the role of topaz is to help fortune.

It is said that citrine is good for official career and family friendship. Under the hot light, the effect of magnetic field must be strengthened.

  1. According to the principle of destiny

For the selection of color, it is generally recommended to use their favorite light color as the main color. For example, the favorite color of “Yangming and huoxiangren” is yellow, so you can use yellow as the main color in your home. Of course, the color in your home is mainly yellow, white and light tone, but you should avoid the color of red and purple.

Sitting room drop light

  1. Determined byseason

Usually spring is the second, third and April of the lunar calendar. The best choice is to choose a crystal yellow light, which is best placed in the East and southeast of the hall or room;

In summer, that is, friends born in May, June and July of the lunar calendar, the best effect is to place the white crystal lamp in the south of the hall or room;

Autumn is the eighth, ninth and tenth month of the lunar calendar. The best effect is to place the pink crystal lamp in the West and northwest of the hall or room;

For those born in November, December and January of the lunar calendar in winter, Amethyst crystal lights are the best choice to place in the north of the hall or room.

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