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The Main Points of Making Advertising Light Box

Design: According to the design requirements of the customer, the size, color and font of the light box are arranged in accordance with the changes of the primary and secondary arrangements, and placed horizontally and vertically. Also depends on the installation site to develop the bracket. Calculate the size, type and color of each word based on the design, and search for the word.

Keel: generally hexahedron. Material: 20Ă—20 or 30Ă—30.

Angle iron: conditional self-processing, unconditional external processing.

Wood: Use 2Ă—2 cm square wood for nailing.

Cutting: four length and width, length and width are subtracted by 0.5 cm = wood length. Two ends saw 2Ă—1 tenon, paste with white latex and nail. Thickness minus two material thickness +0.5=thickness length. Then smear it with white latex and nail it. Water Cube Channel advertisement.

Aluminum material: aluminum alloy material for the cabinet, the height, width and length are unchanged. Saw at a 45 degree angle and connect with a plug.

Andon: Two or three fluorescent tubes are generally used.

40W 1.2 meter long lamp tube, use light box more than 1.3 meters. The 30W tube is 0.9 meters long and is used in light boxes over 1.1 meters. The thickness is generally 20-25 cm.

Upper plate: When nailing small nails (15MM), first drill a small eye with an electric drill, otherwise the hard nails will crack, and the nails will be 5MM on the edge, and three or four nails more than one meter long. Only 20 nails are needed for the 20MM wide side plate. Drill holes in the side to get the wires out.

Upper aluminum strip: Use 20×20MM aluminum corners, the length and width are 2mm larger than the upper surface of the organic glass plate. The aluminum corner head is sawed at a 45° angle, and the screws are all nailed to the 20mm thick side, and the front includes regular script. Never see the nail. Paste organic characters: arrange the text on the light box surface lightly according to the design, straighten the words, and then paste with plexiglass glue. There are two ways to paste, one is to stick organic glue on the water droplets, the other Using a medical needle, aspirate organic glue and gently inject the edge. The second kind is better than the first kind. Check whether there are typos, missed words or reversed words, and check whether each word is sticky or not.

Clean: Use a small clean cloth, soak some water, and then squeeze a little toothpaste to wipe evenly. After evenly rubbing, use a cloth to soak a little water. Wipe it over a large area.

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