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The Use of Ultraviolet Lamps

The function of ultraviolet disinfection lamp can be mainly used for indoor sterilization and disinfection of home. For example, if there are serious patients with leukemia in their homes, and their lives require a relatively sterile environment, they need to purchase an ultraviolet disinfection lamp to sterilize the home. However, the UV disinfection lamp must be distinguished from the general home lamping. When using UV disinfection, care must be taken to avoid direct contact between the skin and eyes and UV radiation.

  1. Ultraviolet lamp is used for medical treatment

If the human skin is exposed to ultraviolet lamp, it may cause some damage to the skin, but not all ultraviolet lamps are the same. Some bands of ultraviolet lamp will not only cause harm to human skin, if used in medical treatment, also Can effectively remove the patient’s pain. For example: in the treatment of vitiligo, after applying the drug, receiving the appropriate ultraviolet lamp irradiation can produce melanin to achieve the effect of treating the disease.

  1. The ultraviolet lamp is used for detection

In terms of detection, UV lamps have played a lot. The anti-counterfeit Peugeot drawn with ultraviolet fluorescent substances will not show any patterns under general lamping conditions. When irradiated with ultraviolet lamps, it can display the corresponding patterns and information, which is very convenient and fast for detection.

  1. Ultraviolet lamp is used for sterilization

The ultraviolet lamp is made using the principle of ultraviolet sterilization, so it can also have a great effect in disinfection and sterilization. Therefore, in daily life, many families buy ultraviolet lamps for disinfection and sterilization of their homes, and public places like hospitals, schools, nursing homes and other public places also use ultraviolet lamps for sterilization to ensure indoor hygienic conditions.

  1. UV lamp is used for curing

The UV lamp has some curing effect, which can quickly solidify the liquid into a solid, which has achieved the effect of fixing and coloring. Like in daily life, our common UV glue and UV ink are made using this principle. And some electronic products commonly used by modern people or commonly used electronic products also use this function of ultraviolet lamps in many aspects.

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