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A chandelier is a high-end decorative lighting that is mounted on an indoor ceiling. Whether the pendant lamp is hung by wires or iron supports, it should not be hung too short, hindering normal sight or dazzling.

Take the chandeliers in the dining room as an example. The ideal height is to form a pool of light on the dining table, but it will not hinder the sight of everyone on the table. At present, the chandeliers have been fitted with springs or height adjusters, which can be adapted to different floors and needs.

Type of chandelier

The chandeliers full of nautical style are from Spain with a long history of navigation. These lights are both plug-in and oil-lit, which is very suitable

Interior design is in pursuit of flavor.

Crystal chandelier is suitable for living room, bedroom, dining room, corridor, hotel and other lobby. The chandeliers have the most patterns. They are commonly used European-style candlesticks, Chinese-style chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, parchment chandeliers, fashion chandeliers, cone-shaped lanterns, pointed-shaped lanterns, beam-shaped lanterns, pendant-ball chandelier, magnolia-shaped lantern, Olive chandelier and so on. There are two types of single-head chandeliers and multi-head chandeliers for the living room. The former is mostly used in the bedroom and dining room. The latter should be installed in the living room. The lowest height of the chandelier should be no less than 2.2 meters above the ground.

European style candle holder

The classic European-style crystal chandeliers were inspired by the ancient way of lighting candlesticks. At that time, people placed several candles on the hanging ironwork. Many chandeliers are now designed in this style, except that the candles are changed into bulbs, but the bulbs and lamp holders are still like candles and candlesticks.

Crystal chandeliers

There are several types of crystal lamps: natural crystal cut-shaped chandelier, heavy lead crystal blow-molded chandelier, low-lead crystal blow-molded chandelier, crystal glass mid-range chandelier, crystal glass pendant chandelier, crystal glass die-cut cut chandelier, crystal glass bar chandelier Wait.

Most of the crystal lamps on the market are made of imitation crystals, but the materials used for imitation crystals are different. High-quality crystal lamps are made of high-tech materials, and some sub-optimal crystal lamps even use plastics as imitation crystals. Materials, light and shadow effects are naturally poor. Therefore, be sure to compare and identify carefully when buying. There are two commonly used crystals, K5 and K9.

Chinese chandelier

Classic Chinese chandeliers with bright shapes are suitable for installation in the foyer area. At the entrance, the bright light gives a warm and joyful atmosphere, and the Chinese pattern tells the flamboyant guests that this is a traditional family. It should be noted that the specifications and style of the lamp should be matched with the living room. In addition, if you want to highlight screens and decorations, you need to add spotlights.

Fashion chandelier

Most people may not want to decorate in European classical style, and modern style chandeliers are often more popular. There are many styles of modern chandeliers on the market. There is a lot of room for selection, and various lines can be selected.

Consumers are better to choose a pendant lamp that can be installed with energy-saving lamp light sources, and do not choose a pendant lamp with a plating layer, because the plating layer is prone to fade over time. Choose a chandelier that is consistent inside and outside with all metal and glass materials.

On the market, a chandelier of about 200 yuan can have a certain quality guarantee.

The difference

European chandeliers and Chinese chandeliers have obvious differences in the classification of chandeliers. Two levels of differentiation are in the entire decoration industry.

First, the difference in design inspiration

European-style chandeliers were inspired by ancient candlestick lighting, while Chinese-style chandeliers were inspired by ancient Chinese lanterns.

Second, the difference in appearance

European chandeliers are more layered and full of rationalism. The Chinese chandelier continues the traditional Chinese style, and its shape is relatively simple. Generally, it is oval-shaped like a lantern in ancient times, or square-shaped like a palace lantern in ancient times. European-style chandeliers pay attention to gorgeousness and extravagance, while Chinese-style chandeliers emphasize their culture and pay attention to symmetry and squareness.

Differences in cultural atmosphere

European-style chandeliers are magnificent and appear mainly in more gorgeous and noble places. The Chinese chandeliers have a strong artistic atmosphere and generally appear in places with a strong ethnic style and cultural and artistic atmosphere areas. The other is not conflicting, depending on personal preference.

In short, European chandeliers and Chinese chandeliers each have their own characteristics. Designers in the decoration industry must understand their cultural history before they can do office decoration!

Buying tips

For some families, the dining table may be very long due to purchase, so you can consider decorating with a few small chandeliers. Every chandelier should have a switch so you can open up smaller or larger light spaces as needed. You can choose five or seven light bulbs for the space, or a restaurant chandelier with a slim appearance. The glass has a transparent texture, and the combination of ceramics and glass, such as a lily-shaped chandelier, will be mesmerizing.

There are methods for selecting a chandelier: the height of the suspension, the material and form of the lampshade, and the lamp ball must be carefully selected to avoid causing uncomfortable glare. The height of the chandelier should be appropriate, generally about 55–60 cm from the table top, and lamps that can be raised and lowered at will should be selected to facilitate adjustment and selection of height. Like a beige beige chandelier made of plastic, the shape is natural and free of carving, and the spiral shape of the lampshade can be adjusted at will.

Maintenance and cleaning of chandeliers: Generally, more beautiful chandeliers usually have more complicated shapes and lampshades. If the lamps are wet and dusty, the lamps are often rusty and paint-dropped, and the lampshades are gradually dim due to dust. If not treated, the average The annual drop is about 30%. Within a few years, the chandelier will be dim and dull.


Luxury chandeliers are generally suitable for duplex residences, and simple low-voltage lanterns are suitable for ordinary residences. The most expensive grade is a crystal chandelier, but there are few real crystal chandeliers. The crystal chandelier is mainly sold in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places. The sales volume in the north is very small, which is also related to the quality of the northern air, because the dust on the crystal chandelier is not easy to clean.  Consumers are better to choose a chandelier with a sub-control switch, so that if there are more heads of the chandelier, they can be partially lit.

In addition, the hook of the chandelier is also very important. It must be able to bear 6 to 8 times the weight, otherwise there is a danger that the chandelier will fall and hurt people.

Maintenance and cleaning instructions

It is best not to wash the lamps with water, just wipe them with a dry cloth dipped in water. If you accidentally touch the water, try to wipe them dry. Do not wipe them with a wet cloth immediately after turning on the lamp, because the bulb will burst when it is exposed to high temperature.

In addition, do not use the chandelier in a house that is prone to moisture. It will easily cause the chandelier to fall off. In addition, regular inspections are required from time to time.

Chandelier installation

Large chandeliers are installed on structural layers, such as floor slabs, roof chords, and beams. Small chandeliers are often installed on shelves or reinforced joists. Whether a single chandelier or a combination chandelier, they are produced by the lighting factory at one time. The difference is that a single pendant lamp can be installed directly, and the combined pendant lamp should be installed after the combination or when it is installed. For large-area and strip-shaped lighting, the form of hanging light boxes and light stands is often used.

Material preparation

(1) Construction materials: The following materials are commonly used.

â‘  Timber (water cubes, strips, and water boards of different specifications), aluminum alloys (plates, profiles), and steels (section steel, flat steel, and steel plates) are mainly used as supporting members.

② Plastic, plexiglass plate, and glass are used as separators, and external decorative veneers, heat sinks, and copper plates. Anodized aluminum plates are used as decorative components.

③Other accessories such as screws, nails, rivets, finished lamps, adhesives, etc.

(2) Construction tools: pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, electric jigsaws, electric hammers, manuals, rulers, paint brushes, etc.

Structural layer connection

(1) Operation method: mainly consider the connection of embedded parts and transition pieces.

â‘  First embed iron or wooden bricks in the structural layer (except for water-bearing bricks). The buried position should be accurate and there should be enough room for adjustment.

② Set transition joints on iron parts and wooden bricks in order to adjust the tolerances of the fittings, and can be nailed, welded and screwed with the fittings.

③ The boom and sling are connected with the transitional connector.

(2) Installation Precautions: Pay attention to the following three points during installation and construction.

â‘  If there are multiple chandeliers during installation, pay attention to their position and length. You can install the chandeliers while installing the ceiling, so that you can adjust the position and height of the lamps based on the shelving of the ceiling.

② The out-of-ceiling surface of the boom can be directly ejected and the method of adding casing. The method of adding the pipe is favorable for installation, which can ensure that the ceiling panel is complete, and only drill the hole where the pipe is needed. Hanging cup directly out of the ceiling, it is not easy to align the hole on the surface during installation. Sometimes it is possible to install the boom first and then cut off the panel to dig the hole for installation, but it will affect the decoration effect.

③ The boom should have a certain length of thread for height adjustment. Suspend the light box under the sling boom, pay attention to the reliability of the connection.

Joist connection

The suspenders and slings are directly nailed, screwed on the secondary joists, or connected to the riser grid by the above-mentioned method of perforating the board surface. Or hang on the additional cross joists between the secondary picks. The power of the light source used in ceiling lamps: incandescent bulbs are 40 ~ 100W, fluorescent lamps are mostly 30 ~ 40W.

Decorated living room

The style of the chandelier directly affects the style of the entire living room. The characteristics of the chandelier are striking, so the style of the chandelier directly affects the style of the entire living room. European style chandeliers with metal decoration and glass decoration are magnificent, wooden Chinese palace lamps and Japanese-style lamps are rich in national flavor. The chandeliers synthesized with different color glass covers are beautiful and generous. Bead curtain lamps are exciting, dazzling, Gorgeous feeling, and the chandelier made of soft cloth and silk lampshade is beautiful and soft and warm.

1, shape and grade selection of living room decoration lamps and lanterns should consider the harmony with the living room atmosphere, but also strive for elegance and strive for luxury. The living room is the facade of the home. Lighting that is too ordinary may not show your decorative mood and looks a bit shabby. Too luxurious may make the visitors have too much psychological pressure and cannot let go. The method of choosing decorative lamps for the living room indicates that the main lighting of the living room should not be too dark or dazzling in terms of appearance and grade. When there are few people in the living room, you can turn off the main lighting and turn on a wall lamp.

  1. Local lighting can use floor lamps, wall lamps, etc. The effects of use and decoration can meet the corresponding requirements. Watching TV and casual reading is more suitable for high-floor floor lamps. The method of purchasing decorative lighting for living rooms indicates that in local lighting, it is best to turn off the ceiling lights when watching TV and reading. Turning on the floor lamps will not only glare, but also The environment is more peaceful and elegant.
  2. General lighting The method of purchasing living room decorative lamps can use ceiling lights in general lighting. Usually, a single or multiple chandeliers can be installed in the middle of the house as the main lamp. The living room decorative lamps can create a stable, generous, warm and warm atmosphere. So that the guests feel at home.
  3. If you are accustomed to living in the living room, the standing lamp and table lamp in the living room space are mainly decorated, and the function is supplemented by the design. Standing lamps and table lamps are auxiliary light sources for each space. In order to coordinate with the space, lamps with strange shapes are not suitable.
  4. If the room is high, it is advisable to use three to five incandescent chandeliers, or a larger circular chandelier, which can make the living room look magnificent. However, it is not suitable to use all pendant lights with downward light distribution, but the upper space should also have a certain brightness to reduce the brightness difference between the upper and lower spaces.
  5. If the room is low, you can use ceiling lamps and floor lamps. In this way, the living room looks bright and generous, with a sense of civilization, floor lamps are placed next to the sofa, and on the side of the sofa are decorated with decorative craft table lamps, or more Low wall lights, in this way, not only have local lighting when reading, but also add a friendly and harmonious atmosphere when the guests talk.

Bright and comfortable light helps to enjoy the atmosphere in getting along, and reduces the burden on the eyes during leisure. It can also meet other needs in different situations and periods. Therefore, the lighting of the home living room has a certain skill in choosing and matching.


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