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Children’s Desk Light Purchase Points

Children’s table lights generally refer to the design of children’s lights suitable for children. They are generally used for desk study. Because they are used for a long time, eye protection is a problem that many parents need to consider, so choose carefully. , So what are the main points of children’s table light purchase?
The main points of children’s table light purchase:

1. The light source of the table light

Common light source categories include incandescent lights, halogen lights, fluorescent lights, fluorescent energy-saving lights, and LEDs. From the spectrum point of view, the incandescent light and the halogen light have a continuous spectrum and are closest to natural light; from the stroboscopic point of view, the LED light is the best; from the color rendering point of view, the incandescent light and the halogen light are slightly better; from the color temperature, the incandescent light and Halogen lights are warm white, while the color temperature of fluorescent energy-saving lights and LED lights can be divided into three types: warm white, normal white, and cool white; from the perspective of energy efficiency, LED is the most energy-saving.

2. Table light function

If you use a halogen light or an incandescent light, choose a desk light with a simple switch instead of a desk light with a dimming function. Generally speaking (unless it is a very high-end product), these dimming desk lights all adopt the method of quickly switching the current to achieve the dimming function, which will bring serious stroboscopic problems and easily cause visual fatigue. If you use LED lights, you need to be very careful. Although the cost of LED lights is very low and there are many problems, their design is extremely fashionable, with many “functions” and very high-end. It is very easy to confuse people. Try to choose a recognized international brand, and do not choose miscellaneous brands, OEM, or bombard the sales of advertising lights.

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