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Home Lighting Arrangement and Shopping Tips

In home decoration, the decoration of the home environment is often finished with beautiful appearance and decent lighting effects. Here are a few tips on the purchase and layout of lighting, and I hope to help you produce the warmth of your home.

  1. Living room lighting: The living room generally uses a generous and bright chandelier or ceiling lamp as the main light, with a variety of other auxiliary lighting, such as: wall lamps, downlights, spotlights, etc. As far as the main lighting is concerned, if the living room has a floor height of more than 3.5m, you can choose a higher-grade, slightly larger size chandelier or ceiling lamp: If the floor height is about 3m, a mid-range luxury chandelier is suitable: Below 2.5m, mid-range decorative ceiling lights or main lights are not necessary. In addition, separate table lamps or floor lamps are placed on the two ends of the sofa to allow indirect light to be diffracted throughout the sitting area for chat or webpage newspapers. You can also place a simple wall lamp at the necessary position on the wall to make the inner wall bright. If there are murals, display cases, etc., invisible spotlights can be set for decoration. Placing a miniature low-light incandescent lamp next to the TV can weaken the contrast between light and dark in the hall and help protect vision.
  2. Study room lighting: The study room environment should be elegant and quiet, concise and smooth. The light is best from the sun on the upper left shoulder, or a bright, non-glare desk lamp in front of the desk. For special study desk lamps, artistic table lamps, such as wall-mounted table lamps or dimming art table lamps, should be used, so that the light directly shines on the desk. Generally it is not necessary to run out of light completely. For the convenience of indexing, invisible lamps can be set on the bookcase. If it is a multi-purpose “study room”, a semi-closed, non-translucent metal work lamp should be used. It can focus the light on the table, which not only meets the requirements of the work plane, but also does not negatively affect other indoor activities. If you are reading on a chair or sofa, it is best to use a floor lamp with adjustable direction and height.
  3. Bedroom lighting: The bedroom is a sleeping room, which requires poor privacy. The light needs to be round and there should be no glare to make it easier for people to go to sleep. Dressing and makeup must evenly distribute bright light. The ceiling light with strong light can be selected as the basic light and placed in the middle of the ceiling; the wall lamp can be installed next to the wall and the vanity mirror; the bedside is equipped with the bedside lamp. In addition to the common table lamp, the base is fixed on the bedside and the adjustable lamp head Modern metal lamp at an angle, beautiful and practical. 4. Kitchen lighting: Generally speaking, the lighting used in the kitchen is based on the principles of waterproof, oil fume prevention and easy cleaning. Generally, an embedded or semi-recessed astigmatism type ceiling lamp is set above the operation table, and the translucent glass or translucent plastic is embedded in the mask, so the ceiling is simple and the difficulty brought by dust and oil pollution is reduced. A cooker hood is generally arranged above the cooktop, and a small incandescent lamp is hidden inside the hood for the cooktop lighting. If the kitchen doubles as a dining room, a single-hood single-fire lift or single-layer multi-fork chandelier can be set above the dining table. The light source should use warm incandescent lamps, not cold fluorescent lamps.
  4. Restaurant lighting: The ceiling and four walls of the dining room must have sufficient light, otherwise it will negatively affect appetite. Use spotlights or wall lamps to assist lighting. The focal point of the light decoration in the family restaurant is of course the dining table. Generally, hanging chandeliers can be used for lighting. In order to achieve the effect, the chandeliers cannot be installed too high, and they can only be used on the line of sight of the diners. For rectangular dining tables, two chandeliers or long oval chandeliers are installed. The chandeliers should have a light-dark adjuster and a lift function so that they can also be used for other tasks. Chinese food pays attention to color, fragrance, taste and shape. Warm colors, while enjoying western food, if the light is slightly darker and rounder, it can create a love atmosphere.
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