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How Are The Table Lamps Assembled? Table Lamp Installation Method Skills

The desk lamp is a kind of lamp that everyone is familiar with. The lighting of this kind of lamp is not very bright, the range is relatively small, and it is a kind of low light. Generally, there are more desks or bedsides, so how are the desk lamps assembled? What are the table lamp installation methods and skills?
How are the table lamps assembled?
1. The function of the mechanical part is to meet the support for lighting bulbs and circuits, and to achieve flexion, extension and rotation of a certain range of angles. It is mainly composed of the following parts: Base: It is a small square board of moderate size (the size is determined according to personal preference, and the style can also be made into various other shapes).
2. Light stand: It is composed of two wooden hangers, an iron rotating joint, two iron angle connectors (using two hinges), three sets of screws, and six self-tapping screws.
3. The electrical part is the core part of the table lamp and the part that realizes the lighting of the table lamp. The main components are: a power cord with a plug, an incandescent lamp holder, an energy-saving lamp and a lampshade.
Table lamp installation method skills:
1. The relatively basic requirement for lamp installation is that it must be firm. When installing indoor lamps such as wall lamps, bedside lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, and mirror headlamps, if the height is less than 24m and below, the metal shell of the lamps should be grounded to ensure safe use.
2. When installing low-foot lamp holders in the bathroom and kitchen, it is advisable to use low-foot lamp holders with porcelain screws. The wiring and phase wire (switch wire) of the screw cap should be connected to the contact terminal, and the neutral wire should be connected to the screw terminal. For the safety of lamps with switches, such as desk lamps, there should be no exposed metal parts at the beginning of the handle.
3. When installing all kinds of lamps on the decorative ceiling, the lamps should be installed according to the requirements of the lamp installation instructions. When the weight of the lamp is greater than 3kg, it should be installed with a built-in hook or directly fixed with a hanger from the roof with expansion bolts (the ceiling can not be used to install the lamp). The lead wire from the lamp box should be protected to the lamp position with a hose to prevent the lead wire from being exposed in the flat roof.
4. The hidden wires in the suspended ceiling or wallboard must be protected by flame retardant sleeves. The installation place of the special lamps is mainly the ceiling part. Many people like to install the diffuser in the dark, but not everyone can install it.

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