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How to Choose Lamps According to the Size Selection?

The illuminance determines the size of the crystal lamp

1.The definition of illuminance in Encyclopedia is: Luminosity refers to the luminous flux accepted by the object in the unit time, which is expressed by the luminous flux received per unit area, indicating that the unit is Lux, lx, ie lm/m2.

2.The color temperature and illuminance are the horizontal and vertical coordinates in the figure, and the middle position is the most reasonable range. According to the investigation, the illumination required for the living room is generally 150-300 Lux, the illumination of the living room is 150-300 Lux; the illumination of the study room is 100 Lux, but the illumination when reading is 600 Lux, for the public, the living room of 10-25 square meters Illumination requirements our general crystal lamp size can be achieved at 1 meter or less, and 30 square meters or more should be selected at more than 1 meter. The light source is generally selected from incandescent lamps 40w, which is a universal light source. It is also ok for individual friends who ask for savings to choose energy-saving lamps. However, the energy-saving lamps do not play a good role in setting off the crystal lamps. I do not recommend them.

The golden section determines the size of the crystal lamp

The golden section value of 0.618 is recognized as the most aesthetically significant proportion. The choice of crystal lamps in our decoration is also to take into account the golden section. Too big or too small is not ok. Generally speaking, the living room of 10-25 square meters, we choose the crystal lamp about 1 meter is very beautiful, because the modern crystal lamp of this size has a golden point similar to 0.618. The choice of 30 square meters or more is still 1 .5 meters and above.

Selection of lamp height.

Generally speaking, the height of the crystal ceiling lamp is between 30-40 cm, the height of the crystal chandelier is about 70 cm, and the height of the crystal chandelier is between 150-180 cm. Take the crystal chandelier as an example. When installing in the living room, there should be about 2 meters of space below. When installing in the restaurant, leave 1.8-1.9 meters of space below. We can choose the corresponding height according to the actual situation Lamps.


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