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What does Toilet Light Have? How to Choose Lights in Bathroom?

Toilet lighting

What does toilet light have?

1„ÄĀ Ceiling lamp

As one of the important lamps in modern toilet, ceiling lamp can be directly installed on the ceiling. It is easy to install, simple and generous in style, and gives the space a clear and bright feeling. But in the purchase of sloppy.

Lamp size: the size of ceiling gusset plate in modern toilet is mostly 30 * 30cm, so the ceiling lamp in toilet should be selected according to the size of gusset plate, and the best choice is led ceiling lamp; look at the decoration style: the style should be selected according to the interior space decoration style, and the ceiling lamp should be as simple as possible and close to the color of ceiling, People who like to create the atmosphere can choose the ceiling lamp with variable color and temperature; look at the area and choose the power: Generally speaking, the greater the power, the greater the luminous flux and the greater the brightness.

  1. Front mirror lamp

The modern toilet is generally a ceiling lamp. If the toilet is large, the mirror lamp or spotlight is installed on the mirror of the toilet. The effect is better when it is used together. The mirror front lamp or wall lamp not only has the lighting effect, but also has the embellishment of the atmosphere.

Pay attention to the quality of lampshade: first of all, we should look at the quality of the lamp itself. Lampshade is usually made of glass and bracket is made of metal. The light transmittance of the lampshade is good, and the color and pattern should correspond to the decoration style; the light brightness of the wall lamp: the light is soft, and the degree should be less than 60 watts. If the surrounding space is large, thick wall lamp can be selected; if the surrounding space is narrow, thin wall lamp can be selected. The installation height of wall lamp should be slightly higher than the head. For the sake of safety, it is better to choose wall lamp with protective cover.

  1. Ceiling lighting

The integrated ceiling makes the home decoration more integrated and beautiful. Because of the large space on the top, it is suggested that the bathroom with large space should be decorated with integrated ceiling. The integrated ceiling modules are complete, and one of them is lighting module.

Selection and purchase of lighting module: generally, there are two forms of lighting module: round and square. No matter which shape, the main factors that determine the quality of lighting mainly include light source, ballast, mask, circular light ring and other parts. Nowadays, the light source and ballast used in the integrated ceiling are not produced by the enterprise itself, and they are basically purchased from the lighting enterprise. Therefore, consumers can judge the advantages and disadvantages according to the brand of light source and ballast.

  1. Bathroom master

Bathroom master is mainly to solve the problem of bathing in winter. At present, there are two kinds of bathroom master: the lamp and the wind. The price of the lamp is low, the temperature is fast and centralized, but it is not suitable for large-scale bathrooms and dazzling. The wind-heated bathroom master has high security, even heating, and it is suitable for large rooms with fashionable appearance, but it consumes more electricity and warms slowly.

Bathroom space: small bathroom can choose the bath with good ventilation effect. For newly decorated bathrooms, ceiling mounted bath masters that do not occupy space can be considered; bath masters’ safety: bathrooms are wet, so you must pay attention to the safety of bath masters when purchasing, and you’d better choose professional moisture-proof bath masters for bathroom heating; eye protection performance: through the selection of bath Masters with frosting treatment on the surface, reduce the damage of light to the eyes.

Toilet lighting

How to choose lamps and lights in bathroom?

  1. Choose incandescent light as much as possible

The switching frequency of toilet lights is relatively frequent compared with other rooms, so choosing incandescent lamps will save some power.

  1. Backlight

Some people like to install background wall lights in the bathroom, which can be installed on the bathroom cabinet and under the floor to increase the atmosphere. When installing under the floor, pay attention to waterproof work.

  1. Vanity mirror light

Make up mirror has a high requirement for light source. You can choose to install incandescent lamp. Such light source will be clearer. It is recommended to install it on both sides of the make-up area and on the top of the make-up mirror. The incandescent lamp used in the vanity mirror should preferably have a brightness of more than 60W, or a circle of incandescent lamps around the mirror.

The above is the knowledge of what the bathroom lighting has and how to choose the bathroom lighting. I believe you will have more understanding after reading it. The content is only for your reference. I hope it can help you.

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