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How to Pick a Light? What Should Pay Attention to When Buying a Light? What are the Catergories of Lights?

How to Pick a Light? What Should Pay Attention to When Buying a Light? What are the Catergories of Lights?

Lights are inseparable from our lives. In our lives, if there are no lights, then the world will enter a dark future. If this is the case, then life will become colorless. Therefore, for people, lighting is very important, let’s talk about how to choose lights.

How to pick lights?

First of all, we can choose this way. The selection of the ceiling light is determined by the area and height of the living room. If the area is only more than ten square feet, and the shape of the living room is irregular, then it is best to use the ceiling light. If the living room is tall and large, the chandelier can be selected. According to the age and culture of the owner. , hobbies,  the views and standards for comfort and warmth, as well as the requirements of the lighting style.

Next, what else should you pay attention to? Then, pay attention to this aspect. Nowadays, some consumers are living in the pastoral life, pursuing the return to the true mood, abandoning the magnificent wall lights, and burning candles in the living room to create a candlelight effect. This design is elegant, but after all, living in a modern city is both cumbersome and troublesome.

What should I pay attention to when buying lights?

If the room is tall, use a three-pronged to five-pronged incandescent chandelier or a larger round chandelier to make the living room look magnificent. However, it is not advisable to use all the chandeliers( with a downward light distribution, but the upper space should also have a certain brightness to reduce the difference in brightness between the upper and lower spaces.

One of the precautions for buying a light: in terms of the shape and grade of the light, one must consider the coordination with the atmosphere of the living room, and the second is to strive for elegance and to refrain from luxury. The living room is the facade of the family. The lighting is too dull may not reflect your decorative style and is slightly shabby. Too luxurious may make the visitors have psychological pressure and can’t open their hands. The main body of the living room should not be too dark or dazzling. When there are less people in the living room, the primary light can be turned off and a wall light can be turned on.

The second note of buying lights: the color, shape and style of the lights must be commensurate with the style of interior decoration and furniture. The flashy luminaires can not only add to the icing on the cake, but paint the lily. In addition to the color tone of the room, the choice of the color of the light can of course be purchased according to personal preference. In particular, the color of the lightshade has a great effect on the atmosphere. The size, type and number of lights should be coordinated with the size of the room, the total area, and the height of the room.

The third note of buying a light: when you buy a light, you must carefully check the goods. The lights are mainly made of glass products and are fragile. After long-distance transportation, scratches or broken lights will inevitably occur. Since the lights are generally hung in a prominent position in the room, even a small light damage will affect the use of the effect.

In short, understanding the lighting-related selection skills is benefit to people. After all, lights are used in people’s lives, and the scope of their use is many. Their brands and product types are also varied. At this time, how to choose them requires consumers to pay attention to them.

How to Choose Lights?

Lighting fixtures can be described as the finishing touch in home decoration. Good lights can directly reflect the decoration grade of the house, and can also show the taste of the owner, which will enhance the effect of the room.

How should we choose lights in the face of such a wide range of lights?

  1. Select the time of the lights

If you are renovating, it is recommended that you start choosing lighting after the basic choices such as layout, furniture, color matching, and fabric are determined. If you have already finished the renovation, you can change it according to your mood.

  1. Pick by scene

Light selection and lighting design should meet the requirements of use and aesthetics. Different scenes will also require different types of lights.

  1. Light Parameters

In the selection of the light source, factors to be considered include power (W), light throughput (lm/W), color temperature (K), color rendering index (Ra), interface model and other parameters.

(1) Power and power consumption are directly related.

(2) Through measurement refers to the sum of the amount of light emitted by the light source per unit time. Generally, the higher the power, the higher the luminous efficiency and the higher the luminous flux.

(3) Light effect means that different light sources consume the same amount of electricity and how much light is emitted at the same time. A light source with a high luminous efficiency is definitely more energy efficient than a light source.

(4) Color temperature: When the color of the light emitted by the light source is the same as the color of the black body radiated at a certain temperature, the temperature of the black body is referred to as the color temperature of the light source, expressed by the absolute temperature K. Low color temperature source red radiation is relatively more, usually called “warm light”; after the color temperature is increased, the proportion of blue radiation increases, usually called “cold light”

  1. Selection principle
  2. Choose those with higher brand awareness: such as PHLIPS, OSRAM, Roalstar, etc. Should choose the beautiful packaging, beautiful appearance, the manufacturer’s address is complete and the technical description is complete.
  3. Look at the startup performance. If the merchant has the best voltage regulator, in the power-off state, at first adjust the voltage regulator to the minimum starting voltage (such as 150v) output, install a cold light, the power supply will start flashing less when the power is turned on, the root of the light will not appear red light, one-time ignitor is best.
  4. Look at the working status. After the start is smooth, adjust the regulator to the maximum (such as 250v), work under high pressure for more than 5 minutes, let it heat up quickly to see if there is flicker, and smell or not.
  5. Look at the performance after work. Finally, don’t forget to compare the temperature of the light body. The lower the temperature, the better. In addition, after the test, there will be a black mark on the root of the light. The longer and darker the black segment, the lower the light life is.
  6. Appearance inspection. The plastic shell of the light must be selected from flame-retardant engineering plastics. The surface is smooth and shiny, and the shape and size of the tube are consistent. Of course, there must be no cracks, looseness, and traces between the interfaces.

How to Choose Lights according to the Room?

After decorating the house, you need to install the lights for the room. How do you choose the lights? What kind of lights are good? Let me introduce you to the purchase knowledge of the lights. I hope to help you.

Firstly, how to buy lights?

How to choose a living room light?

1.if the living room is small, it is recommended to choose some 60CM crystal lights, the brightness will not be a problem, because the crystal light has a lot of light heads, you only need to replace the bright spot light bulbs. The living room is slightly medium or large, and you can put a slightly larger square crystal light, or a round crystal light from 800cm to 1.5 meters, according to the size of your living room.

  1. If the living room belongs to a square, it is best to buy a round crystal light, so that the contrast will be symmetrical. The round crystal light is also divided into many kinds. If you like the feeling of splendor, it is recommended to buy rhubarb crystal light.

3. Some people who buy crystal lights will fell troublesome, so they will pick some large flat lights. Flat panel lights are lower in price than crystal lights, cleaning and repairing are much simpler, so flat panel lights are also a big choice for living room lights. Some flat-panel lights come with LEDs and 4 kinds of dimming, and others do not change light, so look at your personal needs.

How to choose the door light?

  1. Now most of the new house door will be left to let you install the lights in the hall, the hallway lights, then the most choice is to install the dining crane, because many people like the feeling of hanging down, feel very beautiful. In addition to the dining crane, some people will install the color glazed Although the brightness of the color glazed light is not enough, it is very beautiful.
  2. Small crystal light is also a big choice to install the foyer, although the price will be significantly higher, but it is very beautiful. You can choose 40CM or 60CM crystal lights to be placed in the foyer.

How to choose bedroom lights?

1.There are many choices of bedroom lights, such as crystal lights. Crystal lights are basically equipped with remote control and sub-filed. LED light is the most energy-saving and durable. You can usually use LED light to install.

  1. Ordinary ceiling lights(, this is the most choice now, because the price is cheap, and cleaning and replacement are very easy, so most people will install ceiling lights in the bedroom.

3.Crystal light, decorative crystal light in the bedroom is also a good choice. Because this will not only create a romantic and warm environment, but also save electricity, it can also play a very good role in protecting infants’ eyesight.

How to Choose Lights According to the Size Selection?

The illuminance determines the size of the crystal light

  1. The definition of illuminance in Encyclopedia is: Luminosity refers to the luminous flux accepted by the object in the unit time, which is expressed by the luminous flux received per unit area, indicating that the unit is Lux, lx, ie lm/m2.

2.The color temperature and illuminance are the horizontal and vertical coordinates in the figure, and the middle position is the most reasonable range. According to the investigation, the illumination required for the living room is generally 150-300 Lux, the illumination of the living room is 150-300 Lux; the illumination of the study room is 100 Lux, but the illumination when reading is 600 Lux, for the public, the living room of 10-25 square meters Illumination requirements our general crystal light size can be achieved at 1 meter or less, and 30 square meters or more should be selected at more than 1 meter. The light source is generally selected from incandescent lights 40w, which is a universal light source. It is also ok for individual friends who ask for savings to choose energy-saving lights. However, the energy-saving lights do not play a good role in setting off the crystal lights. I do not recommend them.

The golden section determines the size of the crystal light

The golden section value of 0.618 is recognized as the most aesthetically significant proportion. The choice of crystal lights in our decoration is also to take into account the golden section. Too big or too small is not ok. Generally speaking, the living room of 10-25 square meters, we choose the crystal light about 1 meter is very beautiful, because the modern crystal light of this size has a golden point similar to 0.618. The choice of 30 square meters or more is still 1 .5 meters and above.

Selection of light height.

Generally speaking, the height of the crystal ceiling light is between 30-40 cm, the height of the crystal chandelier is about 70 cm, and the height of the crystal chandelier is between 150-180 cm. Take the crystal chandelier as an example. When installing in the living room, there should be about 2 meters of space below. When installing in the restaurant, leave 1.8-1.9 meters of space below. We can choose the corresponding height according to the actual situation Lights.

How to Choose Lights for Your New Home?

When the decoration is too small, the home will be too monotonous and dull, and too many lights will cause unnecessary waste and trouble. Lights are used to beautify the environment, increase the sense of space hierarchy, create a variety of different atmospheres. The light is an important ornament for a family at night.

First, purchase on demand


The living room is the central area for family members’ activities and the place to receive friends and family. The choice of lights is very important.

For small-sized living rooms, the choice of lighting in the living room should not be too large and exaggerated. If the room is tall, you can use an incandescent chandelier or a large round chandelier to make the living room bright and comfortable. But choose a wide range of light distribution.

On the contrary, if the room is low, you can use ceiling lights and floor lights to make the living room feel mordern. However, in the shape and color of the lights, it is necessary to choose the style matching the living room furniture.


According to the restaurant’s table lighting needs, most families will install chandeliers on the table, most of which are lights that are strongly directed downwards or can be pulled down. The lightshade can be made of glass, plastic or metal with a clean surface for easy scrubbing at any time.

Generally, the distance between the chandelier and the table is 600mm~700mm. Too low will give people a sense of oppression, and they can also be equipped with warm wall lights on the surrounding walls to create a sense of ritual and increase appetite.


The type of lights in the bedroom will be relatively more. Ceiling lights, floor lights, table lights, bedside lights, etc. Can be adjusted and mixed when doing different things to create a warm atmosphere

If the room is less than 2.5m high and the area is small, it is best not to install a chandelier. It can be used with one or two good-looking wall sconces(, which can provide both illumination and decoration. A small table light can be placed on the bedside, suitable for people who like to read before going to bed at night.


The lighting of the study room should be bright, not glaring, and incandescent lights are commonly used. The desk light on the desk is to adapt to the nature of work and study. The light should be down and the light source should be concentrated at a certain angle.

Small spotlights can also be added in the bookcase, which not only can play the role of lighting, but more importantly, it can maintain the temperature and prevent the books from being wet and rot. This is the most practical in the wet area.


Use the ceiling light in the kitchen, bathroom and passage. Because the luminosity needs of itself are not particularly large, and relatively dust and water vapor are relatively large, it is more convenient to clean with a ceiling light.

How to Choose Light Style?

The choice of lights varies from person to person. Everyone has their own different styles of interest. Even the cultural level, hobbies, social, economic, age and occupation of each person will be different when choosing lamps. Not to mention the difference in the style of the choice of lamps due to the different decorative styles.


The pastoral style is dominated by warmth and softness. Small floral, white gauze, wooden and other essential decorations. The main recommendations are crystals, candles and flowers.


The definition of modern style is more extensive, and the materials are basically stainless steel and aluminum composite panels. The shape is simple and generous, more attention to function, according to the genre with different lighting. More geometric shapes and irregular patterns


The Chinese style is the pursuit of elegant and subtle, dignified and retro Eastern spirit. Adhering to the details of the decoration is the natural taste, flowers and birds, fish and insects, etc., rich in change, etc. fully reflect the spirit of traditional Chinese aesthetics. In the choice of lamps, the Chinese-style lamps are mainly used, and it is also possible to appropriately match the modern lamps with thicker book volumes.


European style, derived from the Europa state style, based on romanticism, the decoration materials are commonly used marbles, colorful fabrics, exquisite carpets, the whole style is luxurious and rich. The lamps are matched with classical lighting with a sense of design, with low-key luxury crystal lamps, marble lamps and wrought iron lamps.

The last thing to say

When installing the luminaire, if you install the sub-control switch, you can save a lot of troubles. It can choose to turn on a few lights at any time. If there is a passage at the entrance of the house, it is best to install a switch at the end of the passage, so that the power can be turned off directly after entering the door, which is absolutely necessary for the lazy.


How to Choose the Most Effective Directed Light for Any Area at home?


Every single room in your house is different. You most likely often hear that sunlight offers us vitality, but were you aware that lights operate in a comparable way? Lights that produce light blue waves produce serotonin, making us concentrated, awaken, and notify. Lights that don’t emit azure lighting waves permit our mind to produce melatonin, making us comfortable, drowsy, and ready for any excellent rest. Lower heat light lights generate comfortable-whites, similar to a fire, while medium temperatures lights produce fairly neutral-whites, and higher heat lights generate great-whites or mimic daylight. Additionally it is a common false impression the brightness of the light light is assessed in Watts. Watts actually determine power utilization, although Lumens measure illumination.


Guided Lights for Room Use

LED Lights for sleeping rooms inside our sleeping rooms, most of us want the atmosphere to become comfortable, calm, and relaxing. Steering clear of azure lighting waves inside the bed room will keep your circadian beat from confusing the sunshine in your bed room with the natural light outside. This permits your mind to generate the melatonin necessary for a comfy rest. Are you a nighttime visitor? In case you have a bedside reading through lamp or intend on buying one, gentle azure or fairly neutral tones are much better for studying certain fixtures, because the cool-white colored shade creates a high contrast with all the page.


Guided Illumination for Home Office Use

LED Lighting for Home Business Office When lights a property office, we want to ensure that the lights are maximizing our ability to be productive inside the room supplied. Placing great-white colored lights in the workplace that mimic daylight will increase serotonin production trying to keep you concentrated, notify, and energized. Ensure that you choose a place that won’t create undesired glares on your computer screen. You might also be thinking about Guided Workdesk Lamps that provide excellent task illumination and the cabability to switch color heat when needed.


Guided Lighting for Family Room Use

Guided Lighting for Living Room Area. The living room is actually a well-liked location to seat guests, entertain, or just kick back and relax. Regardless if you are viewing a motion picture, or chatting with friends, it is essential to have a mix of light-weight sources in the living room in order to adjust to regardless of the event could be. As in the bedroom, it is actually excellent in order to avoid vibrant, light blue-lighting emitting lamps that create serotonin and give us power. Changeable limelight lights can be pointed in the wall space to illuminate artwork, family photographs, or simply to minimize glare around the TV set. Placement limelight lights at walls or ceilings can also be a great way to get rid of undesired shadows. New Directed 3-Way lamps can be used in all three way kitchen table lamps you could have within your family room.

LED Lighting for Dining Room Use

Guided Lights for Dining Area Use When eating a good food with the family or friends, we don’t want the illumination to get overly brilliant and obnoxious, and that we certainly don’t want it to be so dim that we’re dozing away from. Regardless of whether it’s an afternoon brunch or perhaps a delayed meal, a dimmable over head fittings enable that ideal brightness anytime of day time. We suggest smooth to natural tones for the dining area that create an ideal ambiance. Also, think about LED lights for chandelier lighting fixtures which can be commonly used within a dining room, directed chandelier light lights now offer gorgeous color and lightweight production. Guided Lighting for Cooking area Use

Guided Lights for Cooking area. Utilize the cooking area is in essence a workspace. Most of us begin our mornings in the kitchen area, so those light blue-lighting emitting lights within the counter tops may help make us notify and awake while preparing morning meal. If you also have a kitchen table in your kitchen, a dimmable overhead light fixture using a hotter shade heat can create a nice environment to balance out the much brighter azure lamps over the kitchen counters. Kitchen areas may also take advantage of recessed over head lighting which can benefit from LED Light lights or Recessed Retrofit Systems.


Guided Lights for Bathroom Use

LED Lights for Restroom Use. Before we go to university or work, most of us prepare yourself by seeking within the bath mirror lamps( If at all possible, you want the lighting in the future from around the looking glass as opposed to in the ceiling. Utilizing brilliant lights will guarantee we don’t miss a spot shaving or mess up our makeup. Since a lot of us start the day using a bath, putting a substantial productivity surface install retrofit fixture inside the shower room fixture is a terrific way to start off waking up before tackling the day ahead. Use larger sized planet style light lights to illuminate common fixtures places above as well as around the looking glass.


How to Pick the Best Lights to Your Room?


Everyone knows how crucial lighting is for developing a stunning, practical space. The correct lighting will help you to advertise productiveness and it may also make us feel comfortable and it can help establish spots and pulls people collectively. Lights also impacts how we perceive textures and colors, and manipulates the overall really feel of the space (maybe greater than any other design and style component). Then there’s the simple proven fact that lights can turn out to be a major centerpiece within a room — it’s no wonder that yanking a lighting scheme together can feel a touch challenging!

But, today, we’re helping you to do exactly that. Learn the fundamentals and have the correct equipment to produce your own lighting design strategy:

Very first, Understand the Essentials

  • How you physically really feel within a room has mostly related to the lights
  • More lighting isn’t necessarily much better. Think more quality versus volume.
  • Great design is all about matching lighting ranges towards the tasks being done in particular areas – believe a brightly lighted cooking area versus a light in your family room for reading through
  • Make an effort to place lighting where it’s really necessary and keep reduce ambient lighting ranges elsewhere
  • Always take into consideration both organic and artificial light when making your space Map it Out: Coating within the Light. A lot of people tend to rely on that darn ceiling light his or her major, if not only, way to obtain lighting. A very important thing to accomplish in almost any area would be to recognize how you are planning to utilize it and after that to think in levels.

In terms of illumination we examine 4 differing types:

  • Ambient (gentle lights that places out an overall ambient glow)
  • Basic (can be a combo of all sources but feel mainly expense lighting)
  • Process/Directional (lighting a particular area in which a job is carried out)
  • Highlight (incorporating drama to a space, ornamental)

The best lighting styles begin with job and accent lights – and quite often wind up not really requiring that ceiling lighting in any way! So when it comes to designing your space, produce a tiny map of light based on how you are planning to utilize the room. Put in task illumination first — a flooring light that you know you’ll desire to read, for instance.

Then any highlight lights — a plug in walls sconce to top off an empty walls and then add varying size.

Lastly, include in the common fixture, such as the chandelier higher than the desk. Every area should try to have a minimum of 2-3 types of light-weight to accomplish a good equilibrium which gorgeous ambient lighting!

Limit Your Look. There are tons of amazing alternatives on the market, which means this could get mind-boggling. But when you start by narrowing down your overall cosmetic, it may help! Is the area California awesome, mid-century modern, or farmhouse fashionable? Right after determining your living area (pretty much), start off to find lightings that suit within that style type. Also bear in mind, a bit distinction is usually exciting as well! Try out combining designs to get the correct combo…(more on this over the following point). Create the Combo Once you know thelocation and sum, and style of fittings you need, you are able to round up your complete illumination scheme.

The most effective tip we can present you with would be to consider screenshots of potential lighting and pull them onto a blank record to find out them all at one time. Think about the way that they are working collectively: have you got some mixing of metals? Can you consist of some varying characters (lamp colors as an example)? Is there a put of color that works well with all of your space? You don’t want to get the same, but you do want the collection to truly feel cohesive. Become familiar with your light bulbs ultimately, know that what you buy in your nearby house Depot can easily make a big difference within the look and feel of your house – and may affect your energy costs.

Here is a fast malfunction of some typical bulbs you would find…

  • Incandescent – Most such as the sun, offer cozy lighting, are really typical in interiors, and they are the least vitality-productive (a 60 Watt will only last about 750 hours) — the business is starting to phase plenty of incandescents out. Ideal for ground or table lamps, chandeliers (Kind C or B) or perhaps kitchen area pot lighting.
  • Halogen – Has a lot more hours than a simple incandescent, could get quite hot to touch, have high vitality usage with a typical halogen light, also offer warm lighting.
  • Luminescent – Power-efficient, however, not as good quality with regards to color rendering, provide even more of an excellent light-weight, can be dimmed although not perfectly, are slowed in arriving on.
  • Fluorescents are generally better suited for areas that are not as essential for task or disposition lights – believe more so ingarages and basements, hallways that don’t get just as much visitors, etc.
  • LED – Expensive but last the lengthiest and are the most useful on power savings, generally make colors look wonderful, the business is ongoing to produce the modern technology – a lot of amazing alternatives coming out! Expert Idea: attempt to slowly change your outdated incandescents for LED’s and so the cost won’t be a lot of all at once.


Lighting Categories

Sconces are attached directly to the walls, and can be either hardwired or plugged-in to a power resource. Wall structure sconces are generally used in pairs — flanking bathroom, decorative mirrors and fireplaces, for example. Swing-arm sconces, however, are more frequent solo, positioned previously mentioned artwork,bookcases and house windows, and kitchen sinks.


Flush mounts, semi-flush lights.

As their name implies, flush attach lighting stay flush with the ceiling, on headroom in spaces where it’s at a top. Semi-flush mounts certainly are a hybrid between a flush-install and a pendant, frequently increasing downwards six-to-twelve inches.



Pendant lights are suspended through the ceiling with an individual cord and chain, or rod, and therefore are usually employed as task lighting, or collected together over eating desks or cooking area. Pendants range in dimensions from mini (around 6″-10″ in diameter) to oversized (36″ or maybe more for drum pendants).



Like pendant lights, chandeliers are suspended from your ceiling, but unlike pendants, chandeliers have multiple light source, and often multiple suspension stage. Chandeliers could be equal parts practical and decorative, and come in a large-selection of designs from classic candelabra to sculptural, modern designs.



Floor lights and desk lights make outstanding task lighting, and may substitute for ambient lights in a room where it’s not already inside the ceiling. The wide variety of designs and easy range of motion make them one of the most popular illumination groups.




















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