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Bedroom Lighting Design Tips, 4 Principles of Lighting Selection

First, bedroom lighting design skills

  1. Bedroom style

The decoration style of the bedroom requires the style of the lighting, how modern and sweet the bedroom is, the simple style, and the free choice of the modern style of the crystal lamp is confirmed in accordance with the lighting design of the bedroom style; if the bedroom is classical, the European crystal lamp is free to choose Yes, it is classic and elegant. The lighting must be maintained in the bedroom in a coordinated decoration style, or a sweet and stylish bedroom. The lamp is decorated in a Chinese classical style, which is even more uncoordinated and uncomfortable.

  1. The height of the bedroom

The lighting design of the bedroom is also related to the height of the living room. If the bedroom is sufficiently high, you can install crystal chandeliers, which is good, and comfortable to use; if the bedroom is extremely high or free to choose ceiling lamps, then the ceiling lights will not be hung in the space It became particularly short and the bedroom space became frustrating because this bedroom was uncomfortable and even negatively affected the quality of sleep.

  1. Bedroom crowd

People from different ages to free choice of lighting in the bedroom are different, so freely choose the lighting according to living habits. Middle-aged people often like decoration, according to their hobbies, taste in lighting and very simple colors, lighting, and free choice of lighting design with taste, which is most suitable for the style of the bedroom; young people adhere to personality, wide range of freedom to choose , Most of them are active and unique colors, personality, unique lighting is particularly popular; the lighting of the children’s room freely choose the role to pay attention to, and the natural partner of the child, you can freely choose the sweet cartoon or the shape of the lamp, but pay attention The child’s continued development is not suitable for strong lights to avoid eye injuries.

  1. Use market demand

The free choice of bedroom lighting must also consider the use requirements. For example, the glass lamps in the bathroom generally use high-temperature lighting to prevent glare from the mirror; some people like to read books on the bed, then you can freely choose table lamps or wall lamps. And free choice of bedrooms will be forced to freely choose the brightness of suitable reading lights or the adjustable brightness of lighting.

Second, the selection of bedroom lighting

  1. Principle of simplicity

Lighting design should be the finishing touch in the bedroom. The overly complicated shapes and overly complicated designs are not suitable for simple rooms.

  1. Energy conservation principles

Energy-saving light bulbs save electricity, have good light levels, and do not emit too much heat, which is limited to multi-head lamps. Most energy-saving light bulbs are standard screw sockets, while chandeliers have two calibers, one is standard, energy-saving light bulbs can be used, and one is non-standard, energy-saving light bulbs cannot be used.

Functional principle

Since the use of lamps is different, so the requirements for lighting are different. We cannot install different multi-functional lamps in the same room at the same time. Then we must install full-featured lamps. For example, the lamp of the Darren family with color temperature adjustment and brightness adjustment is integrated, and a variety of lighting modes can meet your requirements for lighting anytime, anywhere.

  1. Coordination principle

The lighting design should be coordinated with the overall style of the bedroom, and multiple lamps in the same room should maintain color coordination or style coordination. For example, rectangular balconies with wooden walls, cabinets and wooden roofs are suitable for installing rectangular wooden lamps; rectangular hallways with iron tables and iron-tube glass dining tables and chairs are suitable for chandelier made of rectangular iron pipes; golden door handles The bedroom with golden spotlights is suitable for lamps with golden decoration.

The above is all about the bedroom lighting design skills, the four major principles of lighting selection.

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