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Which is More Energy-saving Light or LED Light?

  1. The energy-saving and environmental protection light mainly heats the light filament through the ballast. When the temperature is about 1160K, the filament starts to emit electrons (because some electronic powder is coated on the filament). The electron collides with the argon atom to produce inelastic collision. After the argon atom collides, it obtains energy and collides with the mercury atom. After absorbing energy, the mercury atom transitions to produce ionization, emitting 253.7nm Because the temperature of the filament is about 1160K when the fluorescent light is working, which is much lower than the temperature of 2200k-2700k when the incandescent light is working, its service life is also greatly improved, and the degree of energy saving and consumption reduction is high, and its service life can reach more than 5000 hours. Because it does not have the current thermal effect of the incandescent light, the energy conversion efficiency of the fluorescent powder is also very high, reaching Up to 50 lumens per watt.
  2. The characteristics of LED lights are very obvious, such as long life, high light efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption. The spectrum of LED is almost all concentrated in the visible light band, and its luminous efficiency can exceed 150lm / w (2010). The results show that the light efficiency of ordinary incandescent light is 12 LM / W, the life time is less than 2000 hours, the light efficiency of spiral energy-saving light is 60 LM / W, the life time is less than 8000 hours, the light efficiency of T5 fluorescent light is 96 LM / W, the life time is about 10000 hours, and the light efficiency of white LED with diameter of 5 mm can be more than 150 LM / W, the life time is about 10000 hours More than 100000 hours. It is also predicted that the life limit of LED in the future will be infinite, and it will also dominate the market.
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