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Lighting Categories

Sconces are attached directly to the walls, and can be either hardwired or plugged-in to a power resource. Wall structure sconces are generally used in pairs — flanking bathroom, decorative mirrors and fireplaces, for example. Swing-arm sconces, however, are more frequent solo, positioned previously mentioned artwork,bookcases and house windows, and kitchen sinks.


Flush mounts, semi-flush lights.

As their name implies, flush attach lighting stay flush with the ceiling, on headroom in spaces where it’s at a top. Semi-flush mounts certainly are a hybrid between a flush-install and a pendant, frequently increasing downwards six-to-twelve inches.



Pendant lights are suspended through the ceiling with an individual cord and chain, or rod, and therefore are usually employed as task lighting, or collected together over eating desks or cooking area. Pendants range in dimensions from mini (around 6″-10″ in diameter) to oversized (36″ or maybe more for drum pendants).



Like pendant lights, chandeliers are suspended from your ceiling, but unlike pendants, chandeliers have multiple light source, and often multiple suspension stage. Chandeliers could be equal parts practical and decorative, and come in a large-selection of designs from classic candelabra to sculptural, modern designs.



Floor lights and desk lights make outstanding task lighting, and may substitute for ambient lights in a room where it’s not already inside the ceiling. The wide variety of designs and easy range of motion make them one of the most popular illumination groups.



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