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Basic Steps of LED Fluorescent Light Installation

  1. First, remove the old fluorescent lighttube, which has springs on both sides. Push it to one side with a little force, and it will come out.
  2. Then remove the bracket cover plate, press the bottom plate with the left hand, hold the cover plate with the right hand and pull it upward, then the cover plate can be removed.
  3. Then remove the electronic ballast, cut off the input line and output line of the electronic ballast with a diagonal pliers, and screw out the screws to fix the electronic ballast with a screwdriver, then the electronic ballast can be easily removed.
  4. Then connect the wire, connect the power grid wire and the inlet wire of the bracket port, and wrap them with electrical tape.
  5. Then close the cover plate, straighten out the wrapped wires, and fix them in the support cable slot. Hold the cover plate with both hands, and press down hard to close the cover plate.
  6. Finally, install the LED light, and align the wiring pins at both ends of the LED lightwith the mounting seam of the bracket, so that it can be easily put in a
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