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Which is Better, Energy Saving Light or LED Light?

1.Comparison of energy saving light and LED light. Energy saving light is composed of light cap and light tube. Compared with the original incandescent light, it can save a lot of electricity; while LED light relies on light-emitting diode to convert electric energy into light energy. In the light-emitting principle, the energy-saving light heats the filament of the light through the ballast, and the tube wall of the light is coated with a layer of electronic powder. After the collision of electrons and atoms, the fluorescent powder is excited to light up; and the LED light is a new type of light equipment composed of many small light-emitting diodes, which has low working voltage and small current, so it is more energy-saving, and it is also a new popular product now.

2.Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between energy saving light and LED light? Energy saving: the energy consumption of LED is smaller, only 1 / 4 of that of energy-saving light; price: for new LED products, the price will be better than that of current energy-saving lights. However, it is believed that in the future life, LED will replace energy-saving lights just like the original energy-saving lights replacing incandescent lights; luminous rate: the luminous rate of LED lights is higher; service life: LED lights are not easy to be damaged, and their service life is longer It has a longer life span of more than 50000 hours, while the life span of energy-saving lights is about 8000 hours;

Damage: in the early LED lights, if one of the LEDs is broken, the whole LED light can not be used, but now many products overcome this disadvantage, using multiple groups of diodes, if one of the diodes is damaged, at most the lights in this row are not on, and other lights are still normal.

Summary: LED lights have more advantages, but now the cost of LED lights will be a little higher, but it will be a popular trend in the future. In the family decoration, we should also consider LED lights more, after all, more power saving, saving a lot of life costs for the future. LED light has gradually become the mainstream of electric light market because of its high brightness, low energy consumption and long service life. Generally speaking, the failure rate of LED light is very low, and the most common failures are: the light is not on, the light is dimmed, and the light is flashing.


There are two forms of LED light, one is ceiling light and the other is bulb. However, no matter which form of LED light, its internal structure is the same, which is divided into light bead and driver. light beads, commonly known as “light-emitting diodes”, are the most commonly used electrical components in electricity, and also the light-emitting body of LED lights. The number of them determines the brightness of LED lights. Another is the driver, which can be understood as the combination of ballast and takeoff of previous fluorescent light. Generally, the driver is invisible on the surface, and its function is constant current, voltage reduction, rectification, filtering and other functions.

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