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What is the Number of Feng Shui Lights?

From the perspective of fengshui, in the number of living room lights fengshui, the number of lights best to 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 based.

The living room geomancy light should avoid three lights shooting at the same direction. The reason is that three lights installed side by side are like three incense sticks, which will not only do harm to the head of residents, but also harm their physical and mental health.

Generally speaking, we should try to avoid the numbers of two, three, five, seven, thirteen and fourteen. In Fengshui’s view, two represents disease, three represents right and wrong, five represents ferocity, seven represents dispute, thirteen represents toil, and fourteen is regarded as the embodiment of death, so we should try to avoid the above number of lights.

The number of lights in the home is better than the odd number. However, when shooting the light in a flat row, you should pay attention not to use three lights in parallel, so as not to be similar to the three incense sticks, forming a bad moral.

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