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What are the Types of Lighting Styles?

Classic Chinese style lights
The design of classic Chinese style lights incorporates modern features while retaining some Chinese elements. The overall temperament has the charm of Chinese temperament, but also has a simple and smooth shape design. The wooden frame design of the lamp and the hollow pattern are the characteristics of the Chinese lamp. It is noble and elegant without losing the moderateness, conveying a sense of tranquility and comfort.
Modern minimalist style lights
Most modern minimalist style lights are designed with clean lines, prominent geometric figures, mostly black and white, and the materials are mostly stainless steel, aluminum-plastic plates and other materials with hardness and texture. The lights and lanterns pay attention to the coordination with the entire indoor and outdoor environment, and at the same time highlight the decorative effects of the lights and lanterns, giving a simple and efficient modern sense as a whole, which is more suitable for the choice of urban youth.
European style lights
European-style lights and lanterns make the whole space look open and extraordinary. The whole is mainly white, gold, yellow and dark red. The shape is extremely particular. The complex design, the lamp will also be decorated with crystal, there is a blingbling effect, creating a dignified and elegant, noble and gorgeous feeling.
Rural style lights
The pastoral style is close to nature and yearns for nature, showing a simple atmosphere of life. It has become the pursuit of many people living in fast-paced cities. The pastoral-style lights are mostly based on plants from the natural world. They are colorful and bright, showing a green, natural and comfortable state of mind, but also reflecting the yearning for the pastoral life.

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