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Analysis of LED Lighting Industry Development

In the context of global economic integration, China’s lighting industry is increasingly integrated into the international market. Electric light sources are increasingly developing in the direction of efficient lighting, energy saving and environmental protection; lighting fixtures pay more attention to process design, product quality and brand benefits. In the global market, lighting fixtures account for about two-thirds of the total market. The export of lighting products accounts for about 45-50% of China’s total output.

In 2014, the industry-wide sales will exceed 500 billion yuan; it is expected that the export of corporate products will reach 40 billion US dollars. Significant changes have taken place in the lighting industry since this year. As LED lighting technology matures, product cost performance continues to increase, a large number of lighting engineering and consumer goods markets are put on it, putting pressure on traditional lighting products, forming a trend of fading away, making traditional lighting products Overall decline in the market. This trend will continue for some time to come.

National tens of thousands of national lighting manufacturers exported 7,000 LED lighting products; the top 20 companies accounted for less than 30% of total exports. China’s lighting products are exported to 218 countries and regions, and the top 20 countries and regions account for more than 75% of the total.

In terms of the US market, the financial crisis in the United States has basically ended, the construction and sales of new homes have increased by double digits, and the lighting business has continued to develop slowly in the past two years. Compared with functional lighting, decorative lighting in the United States is more dependent on home improvement, especially new home sales. Interior designer’s recommendations for lighting products are very important. Different from China’s professional lamp market, more than 90% of decorative lamps in the United States are sold in the home market (home stores). Therefore, some large lamp sales companies are also large lamp sellers.

In addition, the UAE market has a large throughput, but most of the low-end and mid-range lighting products. The products are mainly sold to the Middle East and some countries in Africa.

Low industry thresholds, large number of enterprises, and fierce market competition have become significant features of the Chinese lighting industry, but they still have huge room for development. At present, China has become a major producer of lighting products, with many international merchants; the product design, process technology, performance and quality of enterprises have significantly improved; the domestic market has yet to be developed, especially the central and western regions.

It is worth noting that small and medium enterprises must have product characteristics. For example, the scale of Italian lighting companies is not large enough, most of them are 100 people. However, Italian lighting brands are famous all over the world, and there are many brand companies in the past century.

At present, some enterprises make up for their shortcomings through some actions, such as hiring overseas designers to come to the country; setting up points abroad to buy design works; or trying to acquire and participate in foreign lighting companies.

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