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How to Use Mosquito Light?

Mosquitoes are phototaxis. They find targets through carbon dioxide and sex pheromones. They like to congregate in Insecta, Diptera and mosquitidae. Science has proved that the carbon dioxide exhaled by human beings is a substance that attracts mosquitoes to human body. The mosquito killing light is invented and manufactured according to this feature. It does not need any chemical substance. The captured mosquitoes are usually dried or died naturally, which is a very environmental protection mosquito killing method. How to use the mosquito light can be operated according to the following points:

â‘  When the environment is dark and static, the mosquito killer has the fastest killing speed and the best effect.

② The use area is 50m2-60m2 indoor and 100m2 outdoor. For the first use, it’s better to close the doors and windows or screen doors and windows when it’s just dark in the evening, turn off the lights, and let people leave for 2-3 hours. When people return to the room, they don’t stop working until the next morning, lasting for 1-2 weeks. In summer or during mosquito activities, it can be used every day to eliminate the mosquitoes that do not leak into the room tightly through doors and windows.

③ For use in offices and business places, the mosquito catcher can be turned on and the lights can be turned off before going off work in the evening. After being trapped overnight, indoor mosquitoes can be bas

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