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How to Repair the LED Energy Saving Light?

  1. There are two reasons why the LED light doesn’t light up: one is that the large leakage current of LED causes the failure of PN junction, which causes the LED light not to light up, which generally doesn’t affect the work of other LED lights; the other is that the internal connecting lead of LED light is disconnected, which causes no current passing through the led to produce dead light.
  2. For the maintenance of LED light, first use a slotted screwdriver to carefully pry off the metal screw of LED bulb light and the main plastic joint of bulb light, so as to keep it intact for the recovery after repair. After opening, first check the electronic components of the switching part. If there is no problem, then power on and check the output voltage. If it is a 2W LED bulb light, the output DC voltage measured by the multimeter is 105.5v, indicating that the fault is in the LED light-emitting component.
  3. If the LED bulb light-emitting component is disconnected from the power supply part, then the plastic bulb and the plastic body connected to it shall be separated. Because this part is glued, it may not be separated completely, which will damage the plastic bulb, but it doesn’t matter if it is broken. After repair, it doesn’t affect the light, it just doesn’t look good.
  4. After repair, insert the green paper commonly used by electricians as insulation into the metal screw of light cap. The round green paper is put into the plastic body to separate the LED light-emitting element from the electronic element. So, how to find out which group of light-emitting elements is broken? You can use the resistance of the mechanical multimeter OK block to find out the bad points. Use the red and black probes of the multimeter to test at both ends of its LED light-emitting element respectively. You can test by exchanging red and black probes relative to, crossing and exchanging. Until there is light-emitting point detected, measure each light-emitting point in the light-emitting element. First draw each group of light-emitting elements and three light-emitting points in each group with paper, and record the non light-emitting ones, so as to remove them by comparison.
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