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What Certifications are Required for the Export of Lights?

Lighting products need to enter some of the fastest growing markets in the world and must pass all required electrical safety testing standards certification.


1. ETL safety certification (North America) The ETL mark proves that the product complies with North American safety standards. Jurisdiction agencies (AHJ) and U.S. and Canadian code officials accept the ETL listing mark as evidence that the product meets published industry standards. Retail buyers accept the products they purchase. Every day, more and more consumers see the products they buy as a symbol of safety.
2. NOMMark (Mexico) All electrical products exported to Mexico must meet NOM requirements and mandatory performance requirements. If your product falls into one of more than 2,000 product categories and enters the Mexican market, you must have evidence of compliance with NOM standards. Products requiring NOM certification include household refrigerators, freezers, gas heaters, washing machines, air conditioners; small induction motors and power tools; vertical and submersible pumps; compact fluorescent lights and wiring devices; telecommunications products are data transmitters (digital, analog, LAN or WAN system) and telecommunications products designed to connect to a public telecommunications network (PTN) and used to process, receive, send or convert signals.

Lighting export
Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia region certification requirements for lights:
3. CE mark (Europe), all countries exporting lights to the EU need to make a mandatory CE certification mark.

4. ENECMarking (Europe) ENEC (European Standard Electrical Certification) is a certification program under CENELEC and is accepted throughout Europe. As brands become more interchangeable, and since the CE mark is self-declaring and does not require independent testing, it is becoming increasingly important to test the company’s marks fairly as they convey the security that customers are looking for.

Enec mark proves:

1. This product complies with applicable EN safety standards and performance testing requirements

2. Manufacturers apply ISO9000 quality system

3. The final product is retested every two years.

4. Manufacturer has proven production control, such as factory inspection

EU certification mark for lights
European certification mark for lights
5.SMark (Europe)
6.GSMark (Germany)
7.GOST certification (Russia)
8. Saudi Arabia Certificate of Conformity
China Compulsory Certification Mark

The certification requirements for lights in Asian countries:
9.CCC certification (China)
10.PSE certification (Japan)
11.C-TICK certification (Australia)

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