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Installation Method of Embedded Down light

Down light is generally used as auxiliary light, which should be known to all. Generally, corridor and living room lights are common. Down light is small in shape and can be directly embedded in the ceiling. It belongs to a kind of concealed lamp, which will not occupy too much space. What is the installation method of embedded down light?

The embedded down light installation structure includes a front ring, a bracket and a spring sheet, which is characterized in that the locking assembly is embedded in the rail slot of the bracket; the lower ends of the two brackets are connected with the front ring through pull rivets, and the upper end of the bracket is connected with the bracket fixing sheet symmetrically through screws; the spring sheet and the bracket fixing sheet are connected symmetrically with screws and the reflector is stuck; the lamp holder frame is fixed with the bracket through screws The fixed piece is connected; through the up and down pressing of the locking tab of the locking assembly, the locking assembly slides and locks with the support respectively in the rail groove of the support. The specific installation steps of embedded down light can be sorted into the following steps:

  1. Mark and drill holes on the ceiling according to the size and installation position of down light;
  2. Connect the reserved power line in the ceiling with the down light;
  3. Adjust the butterfly nut to fix the reed of down light, so that the height of the reed is the same as the thickness of ceiling;
  4. Push down light into ceiling opening, and install appropriate size bulb.
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