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How to Match Simple European Style Lights?

Selection requirements of bedroom lights in Europe

  1. No matter the simple European style design or any other style design, the first design condition of the bedroom is comfortable and warm, so when designing the bedroom, the designer usually focuses on these two basic elements to show the layout of thinking with them as the center point. From the simple European bedroom decoration effect map, we can know that the design is to use a darker color, orange and gray combination, orange is conducive to sleep color, from the visual effect, it will not stimulate our nerves, can achieve the effect of physical and mental relaxation.
  2. Therefore, the glittering steel material lights are a big failure. It is difficult to accommodate the water and fire with the European wind. The gorgeous and delicate crystal lights are also not needed. It can be some lights with soft lines or light, like iron branch light is a good choice, with a little modeling and a little simple.

The specific collocation effect of bedroom lights in Europe

  1. Use the warm yellow ceiling chandelier, coupled with appropriate light shade, so that the bedroom is full of romantic and comfortable warmth, in such an atmosphere, so that the mood will also be happy.
  2. When decorating the bedroom, pay attention to the day lighting. Sometimes the larger general light in the bedroom can’t meet the demand. We will set another wall light or add two table lights on the bedside table to achieve a good decoration effect.
  3. The European style design grid with ivory white as the main color and a few warm white lights make the whole more simple and bright. Looking at the clean and bright room, let the tired heart to decompress.
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