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4 Popular Lighting Styles to Make Your Home More Stylish

The tide cannot be defined because it is always changing. Young you, do you plan to follow the scene and change the new decoration in the new decoration home? And choose a good lamp freely, there is no doubt that you can add icing on different living room styles and enjoy the fashionable life.

Chinese style lighting

Chinese-style lighting frames are generally made of solid wood. Generally, the harder the wood, the heavier and more luxurious the lights are. During the production, the main processes are hollowing out or carving. In addition to direct carving, other materials such as glass, sheepskin, and cloth can also be used as external lampshades, displaying the elegance and elegance of Chinese lighting.

Classical style can be subdivided into three styles: Gothic, Baroque and Rococo. The tall and sharp candlestick chandelier is best suited to the mysterious Gothic style. In the Baroque style, crystal lamps, candlestick lamps, marble lamps, etc. are common, and the patterns are added with scroll decoration, portrait columns, fountains, pools, and so on. In Rococo style, the crystal lamp and candlestick lamp of dream love are the first choice. The shape should be exquisite, exquisite, round and simple.

The Scandinavian style is sweet and especially emphasizes the original taste of the material. The suitable lighting is very simple and has a mix and match flavor, such as white, gray, and black logs. Scandinavian-style lighting usually doesn’t look complicated, but it has been repeatedly crafted, making it very lightweight and practical.

Fourth, modern lighting

Modern style lighting design is based on the concept of fashion and simplicity. Most of them are made of modern metallic materials. The appearance and shape are mostly expressed in alternative ways.

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