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Introduction of Components of Xenon Lights

The luminous principle of the xenon Light is filled with a variety of chemical gases in the UV-cut anti-ultraviolet crystal quartz glass tube, most of which are xenon (Xenon) and iodide, etc., and then pass the supercharger (Ballast) to drive the car The DC voltage of the upper 12 volts is instantly boosted to a voltage of 23000 volts, and the xenon electrons in the quartz tube are excited by the high-pressure amplitude to dissociate, and a light source is generated between the two electrodes. This is called a gas discharge. The white super-arc light generated by xenon gas can increase the color temperature value of the light, similar to the sun’s rays of the day. The current required for HID work is only 3.5A, the brightness is three times that of traditional halogen bulbs, and the service life is longer than traditional. Halogen bulbs are 10 times longer.
HID xenon Lights are generally composed of a Light head (xenon bulb), electronic ballast (also called ballast, voltage stabilizer, fire cow, etc.), wire group control box, etc .:
1. Light cap: If you look closely, you will find that the HID xenon Light cap has no filament. The current between the electrodes is used to promote the collision of xenon gas molecules to produce brightness. There is no problem of tungsten filament burnout (the tungsten filament can not be called Xenon lights);
2. Program-controlled ballast: Using the 12V DC voltage of the battery, after a series of conversion, control, protection, boost, frequency conversion and other actions, an instant 23000V ignition high voltage is generated to ignite the Light head, and then maintain 85V after lighting AC voltage, starting current is about 8A, working current is about 4A. In 2013, the most intelligent electronic ballast on the market was the ‚Äúprogram-controlled ballast‚ÄĚ, which used modern computer technology to compile a specific program and implanted a chip to control the circuit, allowing it to complete the detection, calculation and automatic matching of the xenon Light tube. Make the match between the two to achieve the best performance.
3. Wire group: generally made of flame-retardant materials, by increasing the cross-sectional area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe power cord, the current passing capacity is improved, and the normal operation of the HID xenon Light is guaranteed. Some H4 models of xenon Lights are equipped with relay wire groups for work control .

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