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Introduction of Laser Stage Lights

Stage laser lights include monochromatic laser lights and full-color laser lights, which are usually divided into high-power stage laser lights and low-power laser lights according to the power level.
Low power laser light
A laser product that can automatically emit various laser beams, laser patterns, and laser texts with the rhythm of music. It is a new product that adds atmosphere to the stage, dance hall, bar, KTV, family party … Specific models are: monochromatic laser lights, two-color / three-color / full-color laser lights, gypsophila laser lights, firefly laser lights, animation laser lights. The following are the relevant parameters of gypsophila laser lights for reference.
Model: xl-09, red and green laser fireworks, gypsophila
Features: Red and green laser fireworks, laser spot beam and fireworks effect, light matrix distribution, light points greater than 1000, scattering angle greater than 40 degrees, light spot position and brightness distribution are uniform, laser spots are controlled by the movement track and speed The impact of dots and dots bursts into countless stars and dots to achieve a firework-like presentation effect, with the effects of rotation direction, rotation speed, strobe, color control and so on. Advanced algorithm program design, which can be controlled by DMX512 signal, and can work synchronously on stand-alone or self-connected. The voice control mode has a voice-activated closed-light function.
Laser power less than 1000mW: 50mW green laser (532nm), 100mW red laser (650nm)
Control mode: voice control, automatic, master-slave synchronization
Safety and intelligence: The voice control mode has a voice-controlled light-closing function; in the master-slave synchronous self-connection mode (which can be connected to dozens of slaves), the slave will automatically turn off the light when there is no signal. Designed according to safety and reliability, it avoids the appearance of single-point laser under any circumstances and is safer for human body and environment.
Power supply: voltage 220V / 110V, frequency 50-60HZ,
Application places: wedding, disco, dance hall, bar, KTV box, family Party ……
High-power stage laser light
The power of high-power laser lights is mostly above 1W, there are 2W, 3W, 5W commonly used single green stage laser lights, there are also 6W, 10W, 15W RGB full-color stage laser lights. It is generally illuminated by DPSS and controlled by Pangolin and other control software, which can perform laser man, laser dance, laser show and so on. Laser performance technology is a technology that integrates sound, light, electricity, and machine. Different methods can produce different effects and create a colorful scene atmosphere.
1. The color is bright, the divergence angle is small, and the unique air cooling system has good heat dissipation.
2. All-aluminum anodized box, dustproof and shockproof.
3. The self-developed control system is stable and reliable.
4. Use the software Pangolin.
5. The laser light path is clear and sharp, creating a strong sense of space.
6. Optimize software and hardware design

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