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How to Place Decorative Lights, Feng Shui in Lighting Layout First, home lighting color

Warm color partners need a white light source. The home feng shui research is: dragon, cave, sand, water, and door, room, kitchen (cooker), and home lighting is the five elements of the partner’s home. Planning and purchase, home decoration lighting. The “feng shui science” of lighting planning, lighting lighting in home feng shui is generally used to verify the use of light color, that is, the change between color cold and warm. The five elements of the color partner’s home focus on the warm and cold mix. Generally speaking, most of the yang is the warmer color. The light source color is generally divided into: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and white, of which red, orange, yellow light sources are warm light sources, green, cyan, blue, purple, and white light sources are cold light sources, and white light is Our common incandescent tube. The cold light source gives people a mysterious and dreamy feeling. Most of the surrounding partners use yang (heating) as a white light source, which is most suitable for everyone to live in.

Second, home lighting layout

Bright lamps can be placed in the “missing corner” of the home to receive the effect of “filling the corner”. In addition, if there is no way to decorate the beams at home, wall lamps can be installed at the lower ends of the beams. The upward sunlight can reduce the psychological pressure brought by the beams. Regardless of the layout, in general, three lights in the home are a must.

  1. Mingtang lights: The area at the gate or the Mingtang of the house. The placement of indicators on the Mingtang lights will help the fortunes of the houses behind the Mingtang.
  2. Changming lamp: The Changming lamp is installed in the home, that is, the lamp that goes out all night. After falling asleep, his activity energy is reduced to a minimum.
  3. Financial position light: Entering the door diagonally at 45 degrees, it is the image financial position on Feng Shui. Illuminating with a lamp can make the family’s “money” bright.
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