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Will Iron Chandeliers Rust?

General iron technology is divided into two kinds: cast iron and forging. The surface of cast iron is relatively rough by mould forming. There is not much to say here. Forging iron technology is made of special iron materials. According to these characteristics, you can choose your favorite European Iron lights. Will iron chandeliers rust? Iron lights will rust! Generally, in order to ensure a good adhesion between the decorative coating (plating) layer and the surface of iron products, it is necessary to apply (plating) on the surface of iron lights.

Rust treatment and maintenance of iron lights

  1. Do not use soapy water to clean the iron furniture at home. Scrubbing the iron furniture with soapy water will damage the protective layer on the surface of the iron furniture, that is to say, coating (plating), resulting in rust of the iron furniture.
  2. Once you find that your iron lamp is rusty, you can remove it, fill the basin with vinegar, and soak the lamp completely in it. After a while, the rust will disappear. After removing the rust, you need to re coat the protective layer, or you will soon have to corrode it.
  3. If the lamp holder is electroplated, the rust of electroplated lights starts from the substrate. In case of rust at the beginning, you can use toothpaste and other materials that have some friction but do not contain corrosive ingredients to carefully wipe off the slight rust. Once the corrosion is serious, the electrodeposited layer will flake off and the substrate will be seriously rusted. At this time, there is no good way. That is to say, it will be polished off and rust will be more serious soon.
  4. Humidity is easy to cause rusting and paint falling of lights and shorten the service life of lights and lanterns. Therefore, moisture-proof is the key to the maintenance of lighting, especially for the lights in the toilet, bathroom and the kitchen stove, moisture-proof lightshade should be installed to prevent moisture intrusion and avoid corrosion damage or leakage short circuit.

It is better not to clean the lamp with water, as long as it is wiped with a dry rag. If you are not careful to touch the water, try to wipe it dry. Do not wipe it with a wet rag immediately after turning on the lamp.

  1. When using lights and lanterns at ordinary times, it is also necessary to wipe the surface of lights and lanterns with dry cotton cloth when there is nothing to do on a regular basis. Besides removing dust, it can also prevent moisture and kill two birds with one stone.
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