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Which Kind of Mosquito Killing Light is Good?

Electric shock mosquito light

Working principle: using the strong phototaxis and thermotaxis characteristics of mosquitoes, using the light source of ultraviolet fluorescent light to lure mosquitoes to fly into the mosquito killing light and be electrocuted to death by high-voltage power grid.

Advantages and disadvantages of the products: non toxic, tasteless, safe and sanitary; soft light and color, which can be used for night lighting, with long service life, small power consumption and convenient operation; when electric shock occurs to mosquitoes, the body fragments of mosquitoes may splash around and make a sound, especially in the restaurant.

Purchasing skills: after power on, the mosquito trap UV light tube should be normal and not flickering. Use a screwdriver with insulation to short-circuit the high-voltage power grid, and there should be a “crackle” sound.

Photocatalyst mosquito light

Working principle: when working, it can produce light and carbon dioxide that mosquitoes like, simulate human breath to lure mosquitoes, and make them fall into the capture window until they are dehydrated and air dried to death.

Product features: it has strong mosquito attraction, high mosquito killing efficiency, no chemicals, safety, environmental protection and pollution-free; it can also purify the air, effectively kill all kinds of bacteria in the air, and absorb all kinds of toxic and harmful gases.

Purchasing skills: good photocatalysts generally do not have stratification and precipitation. Shaking hard will produce a small amount of blisters, which will soon disappear. On the contrary, they are fake photocatalyst products.

Air flow mosquito killing light

Working principle: according to the principle of wind mechanics, stir the surrounding air to form eddy current, make the mosquito come with the wind, and then suck into the capture window until it is dried to death.

Product features: high mosquito control rate, long life, energy saving, pollution-free, non-toxic, widely used, safe and reliable, easy to use.

Purchasing skills: mosquito light is generally made of high-quality AB material, which is anti-bacterial, flame-retardant, solid and durable; when DC fan is running, it should be noiseless, silent and environmental friendly. Cheap mosquito light is often made of waste plastic, which has a strong smell and is easy to break.

Mosquito killing light

Sticky mosquito light

Working principle: with the strong phototaxis and thermotaxis characteristics of mosquitoes, the light source emitted by the ultraviolet fluorescent light is used to lure mosquitoes into the mosquito killing light and then they are stuck on the sticky paper until they die.

Product features: silent sound, odor, gas, insect corpse will not be scattered around the periphery of the insect catching light, it can kill mosquitoes, flies, moths and other insects; generally, it is mainly wall hanging type, and it is slightly inconvenient to use due to the need of regular replacement of sticky paper.

Purchasing skills: after power on, the mosquito trap UV light should be normal, not flashing, and the viscosity of the matching viscose board should be very high and last for a long time.

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