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How to Choose the High Pole Lamp?

High pole lamp generally refers to a new type of lighting device composed of a steel cone lamp pole more than 15 meters and a high-power combined lamp structure. It has the advantages of wide illumination range and good lighting effect. It is widely used in squares, airports, docks and ports. It can be seen everywhere in our lives and is an “artifact” in outdoor lighting at night. When we buy, we definitely want to buy high pole lamps with long service life, excellent quality and good lighting effect. But most of us are laymen and do n’t know how to buy high pole lights correctly.
First of all, we have to understand the basic structure of the lift-type high pole lamp, which is mainly composed of four major components: the high pole lamp pole, the lifting system, the high pole lamp panel and the high pole lamp luminaire. Next, I can analyze from these four components:
1. High pole light pole
High pole lamp poles should use large wall thickness and overall hot-dip galvanized ones. Because the height of the general high pole lamp is at least greater than 20 meters, its wall thickness must be large to ensure its safety in a windy environment, and the overall hot-dip galvanizing can ensure that the lamp pole will not rust and corrosion for 15 years.
2. High pole lamp lifting system
The lifting system is the core component of the lifting high pole lamp. The lifting system is mainly composed of hoist and wire rope. When we buy, we should try to choose a thicker and higher quality wire rope, because the wire rope is not bad, then the entire lifting system will not have any problems.
3. High pole lamp panel
Many people often ignore the quality of the high pole lamp panel when purchasing. Some street lamp manufacturers will make the high pole lamp panel cold-galvanized for profit. It is very easy to rust after a few years, which affects the appearance. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to emphasize to the street lamp manufacturers that the high pole lamp panel needs hot galvanizing.
4. High pole lamp
High pole light fixtures generally use floodlights and floodlights. The light source type can be divided into high-pressure sodium lamp and LED light source. Whatever you choose between them, make sure they are produced by the brand. Because brand lamps are more excellent in quality and quality, for example, the common brand of high-pressure sodium lamps is Shanghai Yaming, and the common big brand of LED light sources is Philips.

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