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What are the Different Lighting Hardware Accessories?

Lighting accessories are the necessary parts of lamps. Taking a table lamp as an example, the lighting accessories also include: lampshade, base, center pillar, lamp holder, light bulb, wire, switch, plug, weight block, and bottom plate. There are many small accessories depending on the protection requirements. Such as rubber plugs, character buckles, binding posts, crimping buckles, pipe plugs, dental tube screws, gaskets and so on. It is clear that the necessary accessories for each type of lighting are generally the same, and there are some differences in some details. Light source categories: There are many types of light sources. Energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and light-emitting diode lamps are commonly used. Switch type: From the use of limit switch, isolation switch, shock switch, intelligent fire switch, etc.; from the structure of the button switch, micro switch, button switch, boat switch, etc .; from the contact type is divided into A-type contacts There are three types, B-type contact and C-type contact; there are differences between single control, dual control and multi-control according to the number of switches.

  1. Lampshade: The lampshade is divided into a pendant lampshade, a fluorescent lampshade, a table lampshade, etc. from a functional point of view; from the material, it is divided into a wood lampshade, a cloth lampshade, a bamboo rattan lampshade, a ceramic lampshade and a sheepskin lampshade. Acrylic lampshade is a lampshade made of acrylic material. This kind of lampshade has good insulation performance, high hardness, and very good transparency, which makes the light cast poorly, and it is also good in its anti-corrosion and fire resistance.
  2. Light-emitting diode lampshade, light-emitting diode lampshade is a kind of light-emitting diode lamp fittings. This kind of lampshade can gather the light, so that the light of the light-emitting diode is concentrated and looks round, reduce the damage caused by direct light, and protect the eyes. There are many advantages such as anti-corrosion, fire prevention, heat resistance, non-toxic and so on.
  3. Glass lampshade, glass lampshade is used less indoors, concise in appearance, a lot of space is limited, light transmission is better, generally translucent or milky white, but the glass itself is heavier and more easily broken, in use You must pay attention. Lamp holders: mainly distinguished by material, including plastic lamp holder, quartz lamp holder and ceramic lamp holder. Electronic: refers to some electronic accessories that must be used in the installation of lamps, such as transformers, electronic ballasts, remote controls, sensors and converters. Hardware accessories category: This is a category with many types, such as bells, bull’s noses, square boxes, shaking heads, Flanders, laws, horoscopes, pipe plugs, screws, gaskets and so on.

Hardware accessories with different lighting

  1. Light-emitting diode lighting accessories. Light-emitting diode-type lighting accessories mainly include light-emitting diode bulbs, light-emitting diode candle lights, light-emitting diode fluorescent lamps, light-emitting diode ceiling lamps, and the like. In home decoration, ball bulbs and fluorescent lamps are used for a long time, because bulb lamps are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than others, have a longer service life, and do not often have flicker. The LED fluorescent lamp is because the lighting effect is better and the shock resistance is poor.
  2. Outdoor lighting accessories, the most important function of outdoor lighting accessories is lighting, but also in the sun and rain environment, so pay attention to waterproof when buying. The more commonly used outdoor lamps are sodium lamps and mercury lamps. There are two types of sodium lamps: high sodium lamps and low sodium lamps. Mercury lamps include low-pressure mercury lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, and ultra-high-pressure mercury lamps. 3, home lighting accessories, lighting accessories used in daily furniture, in addition to considering the lighting, but also consider a beautiful and coordinated, it can be used as a decoration to improve the style and atmosphere of the home. Generally used in homes are crystal lamps, fabric lamps, stone lamps, glass lamps, low-voltage lamps, etc. Crystal lamps and stone lamps with poor materials and installation effects are more expensive, and the atmosphere is simple and rustic. Glass lamps and fabric lamps are affordable and can be used in the bedroom.
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