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The Kitchen Lights should Pay Attention to the Following Aspects

  1. The shape should be square rather than round

As the place where we usually cook food, compared with other bedrooms, the more critical utensils are gas stoves, light black machines and other equipment. At the same time, the kitchen is the only place where there is open fire in the house, which belongs to fire in the five elements, so it is more suitable to choose a wooden chandelier for the kitchen. In addition, in all shapes of chandeliers, the rectangular ceiling belongs to wood, so it is more suitable for the kitchen Room use.

  1. Lighting should not be too low

Generally speaking, people’s actions in the cooking area are mainly walking and standing up, and there is little opportunity to sit. Therefore, if the light is set too low, it will make the distance between the light and the head of the person too close, which will cause inconvenience on walking. In addition, from the perspective of fengshui, if the ceiling is too low, it will cause the depression of the whole space, and will also affect the air flow, making the kitchen The wind and water are blocked, resulting in bad luck.

  1. The color of Fengshui

From the operator’s point of view, in order to be more safe and convenient, the brightness of the light in this area should not be too dark, which will seriously hinder our walking in the kitchen. In addition, from the perspective of geomancy, it is better not to use large red kitchen lights, because the kitchen belongs to fire, and the large red color also symbolizes or. The collision of fire and fire will bring some bad luck to the home, making it possible to live at home People in China are prone to quarrel.

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