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Living Room Lights Pay Attention To Feng Shui Which Colors are Good for Living Room Lights?

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the layout of the living room, the choice and matching of lighting will affect the Feng Shui in the living room. What are the special Feng Shui? Which color is good for living room lights?
The Feng Shui of living room lights pays attention to:
1. The light type should not be too complicated. It is best not to use a snake-shaped or vine-shaped light, otherwise it will cause inhabitants to have inexplicable problems, and it will not be solved.
2. If you choose to install a flower-shaped light at home, you must pay attention to the flowers on the light when you select it. You cannot choose a drooping flower type, otherwise you will do anything like withered and withered flowers. There is no vitality.
Which color is good for living room lights?
1. Living room lights are too dark
The decoration feng shui pays attention to the dark room in the bright room. It is said that the living room light must be bright, but the bedroom light can be less bright. If the living room light is dim, it will make people feel very depressed and prone to depression and other phenomena.
2. Living room light Feng Shui taboo-low living room light taboo
The living room is yang from the perspective of feng shui. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient light. If the living room light is installed too low, it will affect the lighting of the entire living room. Over time, it will form a bad lighting situation. Therefore, the living room light must be installed to a sufficient height to make the light even.
3. Avoid white living room lights
Although the living room needs to be bright, it is not possible to install all white lights, because in feng shui, white lights are not conducive to making money. You can choose a yellow light, which is more prosperous. From a visual point of view, white light is easy to cause visual fatigue, while yellow light can make vision more comfortable and warm and harmonious.
4. Living room lights bogey red
Many people like to install colorful lights in their homes, but they do n’t know that this will lead to inner uneasiness. The home is a place to relax, so it is better to choose a light that is comfortable for eyesight. Among these colorful lights, the most unsuitable light in the living room is red. This kind of light will give people a sense of confusion, and it will also make people crazy and nervous.
5. Blue + purple + contrast orange
A strong contrast of color combinations, here is not to use three colors of spotlights to dress up, but according to the tone of the home with a color as a spotlight. Matching with similar tones will give a stable impression, while the combination of contrasting colors has a distinctive personality. Adding contrasting colors can also produce a mutually supportive and harmonious effect.

The bright blue and orange are paired in a roughly one-to-one ratio, which is a strong contrast. If you want to weaken the contrast, just change the hue of one of the colors, or add some colorless colors, the effect is also good.
6. Fresh and leisurely effect: green + black
Green, which has a stable emotional effect, has the effect of visual contraction like blue. The green spotlights in the room will not produce a sense of oppression. The basic color matching method is to unify the natural colors. In order to contrast the bright green, you can also borrow the black effect. However, if you use too much black, it will appear heavy, so the trick is to disperse it. The maturity and stability of this match is very suitable for the aesthetics of Asians.
Living room living room decoration
7. Beautiful and lovely effect: yellow green + pink
Combining the strengths of lively yellow-green and lovely pink is a good example of contrasting colors. This spotlight with color demonstrates the unique gorgeous style unique to Asia.
The main function of lighting is to illuminate and highlight the color atmosphere in the home, making home life more romantic and full of emotion. When choosing a spotlight, pay attention to the matching of colors to make the home decoration unique.


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