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The Design Of Bedroom Lights and Lanterns Pay Attention To Feng Shui How to Design Bedroom Lighting?

Bright and warm lighting, which not only brings us brightness, but also improves our comfort to a certain extent, especially the cool and warm colors bring us different feelings, so the design of bedroom Lights  is Fengshui What is it? How to design the bedroom lighting?
Feng Shui in the design of bedroom Lights :
1. Lighting color
However, the color difference of the lights in the bedroom will also negatively affect the wealth of the owner. As we all know, the yellow five elements belong to the earth, and the earth generates gold, which means that the yellow Light can help to raise money. , Because it is very easy to make people restless.
2. The number of lighting
The number of Lights  in the bedroom is preferably an odd number, and if spotlights are used at home, be careful not to put the three Lights  in parallel when they are turned on in the same row, otherwise there will be a bad moral, which will bring harm to the health of the family Hidden dangers.
3. The size of the bedroom
The bedroom specification is an aspect that must be considered. If your home is a small room, then the free choice of Lights  is suitable, without excessive dedication to luxury and atmosphere. If the specifications are quite large, you can use crystal Lights  and its light source More mellow.
4. The shape of the bedroom
Nowadays, with the difference of popular aesthetics, the shape of the bedroom is also diverse. Therefore, when selecting the Lights , you must be aware of the shape of the bedroom and choose the chandelier that is consistent with its shape and style as much as possible.
5. Thickness of Lights
Confirm the thickness of the Light according to the floor height. Generally speaking, if the bedroom height is less than 2.8m, it is suitable to choose a thinner or Yuncheng chandelier. If the bedroom height is 2.8-5m, you should choose the thick shape. chandelier.
How to design the bedroom lighting?
1. Regardless of the intensity of the light or aesthetics, soft and eye-catching lights should be placed in the bedroom. If the light is too strong, it will easily make the temper become irritable and irritable, causing liver fire and depression. On the contrary, if the light is too dark , It is easy to make people depressed and produce melancholy emotions, so the light should be soft and eye-catching.
2. Some homeowners will place small lights on the side of the bed. This is more convenient when walking at night, and it can also increase the width. However, it is not suitable to install a chandelier on the side of the bed or on the bed. There is a chandelier above the head, the light will inevitably illuminate the eyes, giving Zhao Cheng a sense of oppression. In addition, the human body is often exposed to bright lights, which will have a very bad impact on the skin and liver.

3. Place some wall Lights  on the appropriate wall, the effect is also very good, its light is relatively soft and subtle, and the outer layer is covered with a Lights hade, which can not only make the bedroom warm, but also avoid too dazzling light, In addition, if the Light in the bedroom is found to be broken, it should be repaired or replaced immediately, because the broken Light is unlucky, if it is small, it will affect the owner ’s eating and living, and if it is large, it will affect people ’s emotions.



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