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How to Choose Lamps?

Lighting fixtures can be described as the finishing touch in home decoration. Good lamps can directly reflect the decoration grade of the house, and can also show the taste of the owner, which will enhance the effect of the room.

How should we choose lamps in the face of such a wide range of lamps?

  1. Select the time of the lights

If you are renovating, it is recommended that you start choosing lighting after the basic choices such as layout, furniture, color matching, and fabric are determined. If you have already finished the renovation, you can change it according to your mood.

  1. Pick by scene

Lamp selection and lighting design should meet the requirements of use and aesthetics. Different scenes will also require different types of lamps.

  1. Lamp Parameters

In the selection of the light source, factors to be considered include power (W), light throughput (lm/W), color temperature (K), color rendering index (Ra), interface model and other parameters.

(1) Power and power consumption are directly related.

(2) Through measurement refers to the sum of the amount of light emitted by the light source per unit time. Generally, the higher the power, the higher the luminous efficiency and the higher the luminous flux.

(3) Light effect means that different light sources consume the same amount of electricity and how much light is emitted at the same time. A light source with a high luminous efficiency is definitely more energy efficient than a light source.

(4) Color temperature: When the color of the light emitted by the light source is the same as the color of the black body radiated at a certain temperature, the temperature of the black body is referred to as the color temperature of the light source, expressed by the absolute temperature K. Low color temperature source red radiation is relatively more, usually called “warm light”; after the color temperature is increased, the proportion of blue radiation increases, usually called “cold light”

  1. Selection principle
  2. Choose those with higher brand awareness: such as PHLIPS, OSRAM, Roalstar, etc. Should choose the beautiful packaging, beautiful appearance, the manufacturer’s address is complete and the technical description is complete.
  3. Look at the startup performance. If the merchant has the best voltage regulator, in the power-off state, at first adjust the voltage regulator to the minimum starting voltage (such as 150v) output, install a cold light, the power supply will start flashing less when the power is turned on, the root of the lamp will not appear red light, one-time ignitor is best.
  4. Look at the working status. After the start is smooth, adjust the regulator to the maximum (such as 250v), work under high pressure for more than 5 minutes, let it heat up quickly to see if there is flicker, and smell or not.
  5. Look at the performance after work. Finally, don’t forget to compare the temperature of the lamp body. The lower the temperature, the better. In addition, after the test, there will be a black mark on the root of the lamp. The longer and darker the black segment, the lower the lamp life is.
  6. Appearance inspection. The plastic shell of the lamp must be selected from flame-retardant engineering plastics. The surface is smooth and shiny, and the shape and size of the tube are consistent. Of course, there must be no cracks, looseness, and traces between the interfaces.
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