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Five Trends in Lighting and Home Furnishings

Furniture is the main instrument to create the atmosphere and artistic effect of the building environment. Similarly, lighting design is a key factor in creating the space of the building environment. The magical effect of light and shadow lighting on objects and the negative impact on the color, material texture, texture and overall atmosphere make people focus more on the design of modern lighting and scientific research on lighting effects. Modern furniture design and modern lighting design are gradually merging into one, which is a new issue facing lighting design. The integrated design of modern furniture and modern lighting has become a major trend in modern furniture since the 1990s. The world-famous Italian Milan Furniture International Fair, the German Cologne International Furniture Fair, and the American High Point International Furniture Fair all combine furniture and lighting. Designed, displayed, exhibited and sold as a whole series. More and more designers have begun to show great interest in the design of the overall facilities of furniture and lamps. The combination of multiple elements of modern furniture makes the form of modern furniture shine. Furniture should pay attention to the overall morphological effects such as shape, structure, human-machine relationship, material texture, etc .; lamps should pay attention to the overall morphological effects such as light, shape, color quality, and structure. , Interspersed with each other. The concept of the ideal home decoration lamp will be: beautiful, practical and personalized. Special emphasis on self and persistent personality will become the first free choice for many customers. Increasingly rich furniture and lighting in the market has provided customers with better freedom of choice, and the diversified personalization of customer preferences has set new and higher requirements for the continuous development of furniture and lighting, which has promoted the great integration of furniture and lighting. Popular trend four: Multi-light source effect. At present, domestic indoor lighting design has shifted from focusing on single light source to focusing on the effect of multiple light sources. Such changes indicate that designers have long recognized the negative impact of better and healthy lighting design on people’s lives. In the era of single light sources, the living room and bedroom are often led by a single lamp. Today, the multi-light source design has long taken care of the market demand for light by every user and every living situation. The ambient light provided by the main light source makes the indoors have uniformly distributed illuminance, and the highlights provided by exhibition lamps, table lamps, etc. Light or local light, very rich in the level of space lighting, the cooperation of multiple light sources, whether the space light is rich in color or understatement, can form a beautiful space atmosphere. Popular trend five: The color of the big nature is hot, and a light bulb and a light tube shine on the living room, which is already the current trend. Today when people decorate their homes, they pay more attention to details, even if it is a small lamp above the bathroom mirror, they also insist on fashion and simplicity. As furniture and decoration become more fashionable, lighting decoration, as one of the most important elements that complements furniture and decoration, has also changed. The chandelier on the head, the coffee table and the desk lamp on the desk have quietly changed their faces, the colors are more colorful and sweet, the materials are more transparent, and the shape also shows the innovation of the world. The outstanding lighting has become the protagonist, attracting people Attention. New lighting released last year places special emphasis on creating a colorful feel. The long-lost translucent material lighting is defeated. Glass and crystal, which are newly defined as the exclusive lighting materials for spring and summer, convey a clear and fresh texture, which really makes people feel bright.

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