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Lighting Equipment must Comply with Lighting Principles

The lighting in the room is not just to illuminate the room, but to do it according to certain principles, so that there will be a good decorative effect and reflect the lighting function. The lighting in the room is not just to illuminate the room, but to do it according to certain principles, so that there will be a good decorative effect and reflect the lighting function. The first is that the lighting must ensure the realization of different lighting required for various activities. Literary creation, games, sleeping, meeting guests, etc., no matter what kind of activities, there should be corresponding lamps to play a role. This kind of light should be a scientific light distribution, which makes people not really tired, which is good for the health of the eyes and saves electricity.

The second is to make the room more beautiful. The light of the sun should take care of the contours, layers, and subject images of the interior. For some special furnishings, such as ornaments, hanging pictures, carpets, vases, fish tanks, etc., they must reflect and even beautify their colors.

The third is that the lights must be credible and safe. Lamps are not allowed to leak, explode, and so on. They must be turned on as soon as they are turned on, and turned off when they are turned off. The position of the light source in the light is the most important, but the choice of this position depends on what you want the light source to shine on. The first is people, and the main part of people is the face. The light projected from different angles will often cause people’s faces to have different expression effects. If a person stands directly below a chandelier, the direct downward light will make the face look indifferent and frank. If a light hits a person’s face from the bottom up, it’s even worse. The face will look terrible and even brutal. Therefore, in the living room, dining room, sofa group, etc. where people frequently gather, it is impossible to use direct upward or downward lighting. If direct lighting is used for side shots, that is, when light is projected from above the sides, the contour lines of the face will be very rich and clear; if diffuse lighting is used, scattered light will be used to project the face, and a clear and friendly image will be obtained . Followed by shining furniture, it depends on what effect you want to achieve. If it is a brand new combination of furniture, its color and outline should be noticeable. Multi-light source lighting can be used to achieve the effect of very few shadows on the furniture.

Choose lamps according to use

The lamp is the eye of the home, and it must not be sloppy when it is selected. It must be uniformly matched according to the size of the new house and the overall decoration style. It must be understood that the lamps of the new house are not only used for lighting, but also bear the heavy responsibility of beautifying the new house and creating an atmosphere. Today there are many types of lamps, including chandeliers, ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, spotlights, etc. There are also many lamp colors, colorless, pure white, pink, light blue, light green, golden, milky white. When choosing a home lamp, do not want to consider only the shape and price of the lamp, but also the brightness, and the definition of brightness should be non-glare, safe, clear and round light. Selection should be based on the occupation, hobbies, tastes and habits of the occupants, and factors such as furniture furnishings and wall colors should be considered. The size of the lamp has a close relationship with the proportion of space. When purchasing, the practicality and placement effect should be considered to achieve the integrity and coordination of the space.

Living room

If the room is tall, it is advisable to use three to five incandescent chandeliers, or a fairly large circular chandelier, to make the living room magnificent. However, not all pendant lights with downward light distribution should be used, but the upper space should also have a certain brightness to reduce the difference in brightness between the upper and lower spaces. If you are accustomed to living in the living room, the standing lamps and table lamps in the living room space are mostly decorated, supplemented by functionality. Standing lamps and table lamps are auxiliary light sources for each space. In order to coordinate with the space, lamps with strange shapes are not suitable. If the room is high, you can use ceiling lamps and floor lamps. In this way, the living room becomes smooth and generous, with a sense of time. The floor lamps are equipped next to the sofa, and the table on the side of the sofa is equipped with decorative craft lamps. In this way, not only local lights are available when reading a book, but also a friendly and harmonious atmosphere is added when the guests chat.


The selection of the table lamp should adapt to the nature of work and the need for self-study. A direct table lamp with a light shield and a lower opening should be selected, that is, a working table lamp or a writing table lamp. The light source of the table lamp is usually an incandescent lamp or a fluorescent lamp. Incandescent lamps have a higher color rendering index than fluorescent lamps, and fluorescent lamps have higher flashing efficiency than incandescent lamps. They have their own advantages. They can be freely selected according to the needs of each person or the taste of the lamp.


Generally, it is not necessary to have very strong light here. It is best to use round and warm tones in color, which will help to bring out a comfortable and warm atmosphere. Wall lamps and floor lamps can be used instead of ceiling lamps in the center of the room. Wall lamps should be diffused with a low-surface diffuser lampshade, which can make the bedroom light and round, which is good for sleeping. The bedside table can be used as a table lamp, headlights as reading lights, and small lights for sleeping at night. In addition, you can install foot lamps under the bedside table or at a low place to avoid being stimulated by strong light at night.


Wall lamps should be used to prevent water vapor from condensing on the lamps and adversely affect the lamps and rusted lamps. Dining

The lampshade should be made of glass, plastic or metal with a smooth appearance so that it can be cleaned at any time. Floor lamp lighting can also be used. Warm-colored wall lamps may also be necessary on nearby walls, which will make the atmosphere warmer when guests are entertained and promote appetite.


The lamp should be installed in a place that can avoid steam and smoke, and glass or enamel lampshade should be used to facilitate scrubbing and corrosion resistance. Familiar families can place a few spotlights at the bar, dining room, and bookcase. Not only can they attract these special local decorative effects, but they can also show a different mood.

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