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Such Creative Home Lighting Design, Pranks Startle You

We are still worried about the ceiling fan falling from the ceiling, but this kind of thing really happened again, making people a little more awed by these things blinking or swaying overhead. It is the design inspired by these accidents. Some unique and innovative home lightings have become popular. Let’s take a look at what kind of design. These lighting switches are pull-down loops. Once pulled down, the bulb or tube will hang in the air and dangle, causing people to worry. The designer devised this chaotic and shameful destructive moment, and designed it to have two types of chandelier series to bring some interesting little surprises for unsuspecting guests!

This home lighting can also be used as a prank. Invite your evil object to the house. Remember not to turn on the light yourself first, please ask the other person to help you turn it on. When the other person pulls the pull ring kindly, the lamp will light up, and at the same time, the whole bulb or tube will fall out of the lamp cover, showing a disappointment dilemma that cannot be dropped. It’s time!

However, such a “semi-suspended” lamp type is just its unique design concept when it is pulled out, and it is a false eye from beginning to end. However, a person with a poor heart will obviously be frightened when they see the lamp suddenly fall like this, so don’t be scared at will.

Do these light bulbs or tubes that are trembling in the air evoke some painful memories that can’t be cleared up? If you are the friend who likes personality innovation most, you might consider this kind of home lighting.

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