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What is the Blue Ocean Market for Smart Lighting?

As the application of LED lighting technology matures, its high degree of compatibility with the Internet of Things and intelligent control can be fully demonstrated, and the blue ocean market of smart lighting has become a reality. So what is the blue ocean market for smart lighting?

Home lighting-comfortable

In developed countries in Europe and America, dimming smart lighting products have entered the family about 10 years ago. The members of each family use light differently. Some people like to move in a very bright environment, but some people like to live in a mild light environment. Therefore, people ’s regulation of light has long been strong Demand. Through sampling surveys of certain groups of people, the intensity of light will have a great impact on human physiology. For example, under strong light, people will show a state of excitement. People seem to be lazy under the gentle light, so most people would like to sleep in the dimly lit room. Therefore, under different light environments, human physiology will have completely different reactions, and these reactions are exactly the potential needs of people for light environment comfort. Intelligent lighting can provide more comfort functions in human living and meet people’s various requirements for light in different situations and at different times. This will be a very huge potential market.

Commercial lighting-energy saving

All the lamps are designed to deal with the dark night, but most commercial lighting is used during the day, which is a huge waste of energy. In order to achieve the purpose of energy saving, most product developers must consider designing higher-efficiency lamps, but in order to increase the light efficiency by 1%, it may be necessary to increase the cost by 10%, but in actual use, as long as appropriate Light adjustment can easily save more than 30% of energy. For example, when using light in the office during the day, the light coming in from the window has a certain illuminance. If the interior of the office is not dim when the light is not turned on, if the illuminance of the fully-lit office is significantly beyond the normal use range, if the power of the light can be changed Reduced by 30% ~ 50%, at the same time, the illuminance of the lamp has also decreased by a certain ratio, which just meets the light environment for office use. This not only saves energy and prolongs the life of the lamp, but also makes the office environment more comfortable.

Public lighting-management

In the field of public lighting, the lighting settings are very scattered or have large spans. For example, in the hotel, all corners, all rooms, all corridors, from the roof to the bottom of the pool, from the parking lot to the security booth, a lot of lighting facilities are installed. There are also highway lights, ranging from tens of kilometers to hundreds of kilometers. It is a very costly task to regularly maintain or understand the use of these lighting facilities, not to mention being able to do proper lighting control in different environments, or monitoring its usage data, which are even more difficult. Harder things. Driven by the Internet era, the concept of the Internet of Things is increasingly recognized by everyone. Especially those enterprises that need to do long-term management and monitoring of things, they are more eager to have a smart system that can complete monitoring and management through the Internet. Service industries such as property companies, street light management offices, hotel engineering departments, and enterprise management departments all have urgent needs for intelligent lighting that can connect to the Internet.

The shape of various needs of the integrated lighting market, and the intelligent lighting that can be accessed at present, the future blue ocean market with the best prospects should be these three categories:

  1. Personal and comfortable home lighting market;
  2. Secondary energy-saving commercial lighting;
  3. Conveniently managed public lighting.

However, no matter what kind of market demand, a reasonable cost is required, that is, the additional cost part can be balanced with the value of the obtained function. It can not increase the cost several times because of more functions. Such products also have Will not be accepted by the blue ocean market. Therefore, to turn a market opportunity into a business opportunity, it is also necessary to have a strong technical background as a support, to be able to make a situation that meets the market demand, and the cost is almost the same as ordinary products, in order to have the opportunity to achieve market scale.

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