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The Correct Way to Maintain the Lighting, Don’t Make a Mistake Next Time

When I was a kid, it was always easier to have electricity at home. Today will definitely be a disaster. Mobile phones, tablets, computers, and wifi all have to rest. When I was young, I didn’t have these distresses. When the electricity was supplied, I lit candles and played with hand shadows. Today, the lights are bright, and the difference between night and day is not so great. The frequent appearance of lights not only illuminate the night world, but also people’s lives. As the most important part of home life, how to repair the lamp to last it?

Pre requisites for everything

After the lamp is bought, it must be installed before it can be used, and the accuracy of the installation negatively affects the service life of the lamp. If it is not installed accurately, the lamp will be more easily broken, and usually even an explosion is very dangerous. In home life, special attention should be paid to the installation of bathroom and kitchen lighting, because the two are “complicated.”

Bathroom lamps and lanterns are best equipped with moisture-proof lampshades. Do not use difficulties as an excuse. Otherwise, the service life of the lamps will be greatly shortened. Kitchen lamps should pay special attention to preventing oil fume, because the accumulation of oil stains negatively affects the brightness of the lamps; The colored lampshade has poor light transmittance, but it is more likely to stick to ash. You must diligently wipe it to avoid negatively affecting the breakdown of the light. In general, you do not want to place the kitchen and bathroom lamps in a position where water vapor condenses more easily, so as not to Burst occurred again.

Do good things badly. The way you wash is not used for a long time. It will inevitably accumulate dust and negatively affect the light, so prevent cleaning when it is not legal. Then pay attention to the structure of the lamp and do not want to replace the parts of the lamp. After the cleaning and maintenance are finished, the lamps should be installed as they are, and you don’t want to miss or wrongly install the lamp parts.

Generally use a dry cloth to wipe the lamp, and pay attention to avoid moisture invasion. If the lamp is non-metal, you can wipe it with a wet cloth to avoid dust accumulation and hinder the lighting effect.

After the Yangtze River pushes forward, the lamps before the aging will be replaced

No one can stop the footsteps of no time to move, the sun and the moon switch, and the “swish” of the lamps over time slowly becomes more problematic. Long-term use of the lamp tube will be red or black on both sides of the lamp, at this time it must be replaced immediately, the purpose is to prevent the occurrence of ballast burnout and other unsafe phenomena. Generally speaking, when purchasing a lamp, the effective time is marked on the lamp bulb. Regular replacement of the aging lamp bulb is very helpful for the maintenance of the overall lamp.

In order to save electricity, some people turn off the lights after leaving for a while. First of all, this does not necessarily save energy, but also makes it easier to damage the fixture. At the moment when the lamp is frequently restarted, the current through the filament is much larger than that during normal operation, which causes the filament temperature to rise sharply and accelerate sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the switching of the lamp. The lamp has continued to develop to this day, and it is no longer only used as a lighting product, but its decoration is also valued by people. Such a beautiful and “selfless dedication” lamp must be cherished.

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