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What are the Taboos for the Choice of Living Room Lights? Do not Install Such Lights in the Living Room

The main function of the lights in the family is lighting, in addition to playing a certain decorative function. However, for the lights in the living room, you should still pay attention to some taboos when choosing and matching, otherwise it will destroy the home Feng Shui in China. So what are the taboos for the choice of living room lights? Next, let’s take a look at it.

Taboo 1, the shape of the light is weird

The lights in the living room are most ridiculously grotesque, especially with sharp-pointed designs or sharp decorations, which easily form the “spikes” of the Feng Shui in China. If the sharp corner of the light is just facing the sofa, the generated suffocation is directly absorbed by the body, which will have a bad influence on the individual’s physical health and fortune; if the sharp corner of the light is facing the entrance door or balcony, it will rush into the living room’s wealth and blessing, leading to the decline of home business. In addition, some lights with a candlestick design are best not to be used in the living room, because the candlestick on the top of the head is not auspicious in traditional Feng Shui.

Usually, the shape of the light installed in the living room is preferably rectangular, square or round, which gives a square feeling, which not only visually looks more beautiful, but also helps to enhance the family. If you choose a light of other shapes, be sure to ensure shape rules, such as a regular pentagon.

Taboo 2. the color of the light is all white

In order to brighten the living room, many people like to choose white light, but be careful, it is best not to choose all white lights in the living room. White lights are very unfavorable for family wealth, and it is easy to cause a pattern of financial loss. In addition to white, the living room lights should not be too bright in color, such as big red, bright green, etc., which will make the living room look weird, and some colors that are too cold, should not be chosen, such as dark blue, otherwise it will make the living room look cold and make people feel very uncomfortable.

In order to create a more warm and comfortable home space, the living room lights can be chosen to be yellowish, such as warm yellow. The lights of this color not only look more comfortable, but also have excellent prosperous money effect, and are not easy to cause visual fatigue, which is conducive to bringing the distance between family members closer.
Taboo 3. the light source is glare

The light source of the lights in the living room must not be too glaring, try to avoid using direct light. Although the direct light is brighter, the direct light is detrimental to the eyesight, and it is also prone to a very uncomfortable experience. At the same time, direct light is also easy to scatter the wealth gathered in the living room, which is very unfavorable for the accumulation of gas at home.

The lights installed in the living room can use indirect light sources. On the basis of the main lights, some downlights or wall lights can be properly matched to allow the light source to be projected from the top surface or the wall surface, so that the glare can be avoided. It also makes the light appear softer.
Taboo 4. the number of three is not allowed

When choosing a living room light, you need to pay attention to the quantity problem, especially the downlights installed in the top row, avoiding the three lights side by side. In fact, the number three in the traditional Feng Shui is not good. The three-row downlights are like the three incense sticks, which will adversely affect the family.

Living room lights are usually best with odd numbers, one, five or seven. In addition, the arrangement of the downlights is preferably kept parallel, and the four turns can be arranged side by side, so as to avoid staggering as much as possible, so that the lights will be more uniform and the appearance will be more regular.

Taboo 5. the brightness of the light is too low

Home Feng Shui often pays attention to the dark room of the bright hall, which means that the light in the living room should be bright enough, and the bedroom can be dimly dim. Therefore, the brightness of the lights in the living room should not be too low, otherwise the living room will be too dim, which is not conducive to the accumulation of wealth. While emphasizing the brightness, the illuminance also needs to pay attention. The illumination of the main light of the living room light should not be too narrow, and the responsibility for the living room will be inconsistent.


The above is the introduce of the taboos about the choice of living room lights. You must have some understanding of the contents of this article. If you want to learn more about other things, you are welcome to pay attention to the


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