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High Quality Crystal Chandelier Selection Skills

  1. In terms of shape: square, round, oval, candle, lotus, diamond, etc.
  2. In the way of installation: hanging, upright and inlaid.
  3. From the production materials: there are gold-plated (silver, chromium, nickel, etc.) metal frame, exquisite metal lace, glass crystal, etc.

As long as we master the use and nature of the lights, consider the function of the hanging place, combine with the decoration style, and consider the shape, grade, size, texture and other aspects of the lights, we can find the lights we need from the lights with various styles and various shapes.

  1. Shape of lights: the shape of lights should be coordinated with the whole indoor environment and decoration style.
  2. Crystal lighting hanging: generally suitable for modern style hall, hall layout, display of magnificent style, more suitable for the selection of fashionable, geometric pattern, art decorative lighting.
  3. Size of lights: the size of lights shall match the size and height of the space.

For example: in the spacious hall and lobby, the huge crystal glass chandeliers are hung in the center, which can not only show the elegance of the environment, focus on people’s eyes, but also highlight the taste and appropriately render the atmosphere.

It is worth noting that, since the lines have been arranged as a whole in the civil design and construction of the building, the pattern of the ceiling should match the selected style; the weight of the ceiling light should take into account the bearing capacity of the ceiling, and there must be at least one time of the safety factor.

  1. Surface treatment: the surface treatment of general crystal chandelier (including ceiling lightand half ceiling light) is mainly made of electroplated 24K gold, which can show the resplendent and exquisite effect of gold wall.

The real 24 K gold plating light holder can keep its bright color for at least 5 years; the acid gold or imitation gold treated light holder is not easy to distinguish when buying new lights, so consumers should go to the exclusive shop selling high-end lights with good reputation. If it is not treated with 24K gold, it will be 2 or 3 months in a short time, and a year and a half in a long time, and the surface of the light holder will appear black rust spots.

  1. Wires and lightcaps: high grade crystal lights and lanterns will adopt wires and lightcaps with high safety factor and excellent quality certified by the state. Low grade and fake wires and light caps will not only damage the rights and interests of consumers, but also lead to wire sticking, aging, short circuit, fire and other serious consequences.
  2. Lighting effect: to give full play to the effect of crystal lighting, the light source must be clear, do not use frosted or color light bulb, just match with ordinary clear and bright light bulb (commonly known as “light gall”) to achieve the effect of crystal lightwith magnificent color. A light and dark adjusting switch can also be added to meet the needs of different times and occasions.
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