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Ceiling Fans with LampCeiling Lights

Preparation for installing ceiling fan lights

As a current home decoration that integrates decoration, lighting and air blowing functions, the fan light is more and more accepted by the public. What preparations do you need to make before installation?

First, check if you have the installation conditions.

The installation of the ceiling fan light has certain requirements for the ceiling of the installation location:

  1. The ceiling on which the ceiling fan light is installed is preferably a flat ceiling. If the ceiling has a concave circular and square design, calculate the installation height from the ceiling surface. The general floor height requirement is more than 2.6 meters, and the ceiling load is more than 30KG.
  2. Under normal circumstances, the chandelier can be installed on the inclined ceiling surface, but the angle of inclination should not be greater than 30┬░.

Then, confirm the reserved power cord.

Household ceiling fan light—-Control method and wiring difference:

Generally, the fan lamp is roughly divided into two control modes, namely remote control and wall control. Among them, remote control is the most common control method.

Wiring requirements:

  1. Remote control: One fire line and zero line wiring can be used, and the fan and light source can be controlled by remote control.
  2. Wall control: two fire line and zero line wiring, through the wall control to control the fan speed and light source.

Note: Wall control and remote control cannot be used at the same time due to different wiring requirements.

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