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What are The Main Product Types of Lights?

Incandescent light

Tungsten filament is installed in the incandescent light, the luminous efficiency is 10 ~ 15lm/w, the color temperature is about 2800K, the color rendering is good, the rated life is 1000 hours, China has a series of products with different power from 15w to 1000w. There are two types of light caps: screw-on and bayonet. Commonly used for indoor general lighting, but also for outdoor lighting with low illumination requirements. Reflective incandescent lights emit directional beams with high utilization of light energy. They are generally used in shop windows, exhibition halls and places that require spotlighting.

Tungsten halogen light

Tungsten halogen lights are equipped with tungsten filaments and filled with a certain amount of iodine and bromine or their compounds. The halogen tungsten light uses the principle of the chemical reaction of the halogen tungsten cycle, which greatly reduces the evaporation of the tungsten wire and the blackening of the bulb. Tungsten halogen lights have higher luminous efficiency and rated life than incandescent lights. Tungsten halogen lights are often made into tubes with small size, power from 35w to 1000w, color temperature from 2700 to 3300k, good color rendering, rated life of about 1500 hours, and stable luminous flux. Mostly used for indoor key lighting.

Fluorescent light

Fluorescent light is a good indoor lighting source, the luminous efficiency is much higher than incandescent light, generally 30 ~ 60lm/w, high light efficiency can reach 90lm/w. Fluorescent lights have three colors: daylight, cool white and warm white. High-color rendering fluorescent lights use three-primary phosphors, the color rendering index can reach more than 80, and the life span is 1500-5000 hours. When using it, it should be equipped with corresponding ballast and starter. High color rendering fluorescent lights are mostly used for lighting in printing and dyeing factories, printing plants, shopping malls and TV studios with high color rendering requirements. The power of the straight tube fluorescent light ranges from 6w to 40w, up to 125w. This kind of light is most suitable for lighting in building halls, large shops and precision machining workshops. In order to improve the lighting performance, special-shaped fluorescent lights (such as ring fluorescent lights) can be used as the light source. In the interior lighting, newly created compact energy-saving fluorescent lights with small volume and high light efficiency are also widely used.

Light light source

Gas discharge light

Generic term for high-intensity gas discharge lights, high-pressure mercury lights, metal halide lights, high-pressure sodium lights, etc. This type of light has high power, high luminous efficiency, long life, compact structure and small size. Most of them are used as outdoor lighting for roads, squares, sports fields, etc., as well as indoor lighting for factories with medium and high ceilings, stadiums, auditoriums and large shopping malls.

â‘ High-pressure mercury light: including fluorescent high-pressure mercury light and self-ballasted high-pressure mercury light, the power is from 50w to 1000w, the luminous efficiency is 40-50lm/w, the color rendering index is 40-45, and the rated life is 5000 hours.

② Metal halide light: Similar to high-pressure mercury light, the metal halide is added to the light-emitting tube, so the luminous efficiency is increased to 60 to 120lm/w, the color rendering index is increased to 60 to 85, and the rated life is 7000 to 10000 hours.

③High-pressure sodium light: high-pressure sodium vapor discharge light, the light is golden white, the luminous efficiency is as high as 90 ~ 140lm/w, the color temperature is about 2000K, the color rendering is poor, the color rendering index is 20-25, the rated life is 12000 hours, the power is 35 ~1000w.

Low-pressure sodium light Low-pressure sodium vapor discharge light, the light is pure yellow, luminous efficiency is as high as 130 ~ 200lm/w, power is 18 ~ 200w, poor color rendering, suitable for road lighting.

Semiconductor fluorescent light

In the development of white-color high-power LEDs, the basic attributes between ordinary LEDs and white-color LEDs are mixed, and the advantages of ordinary LEDs are wrongly transferred to white-color LEDs, and the life-span and luminous efficiency of white-color LEDs are mistaken. Like ordinary LEDs, its light efficiency is overestimated, and its functions are deified in the field of electric light sources.

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