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Difference between Eye Protection Light and Ordinary Light

In life, our eyes are very important, especially for students, children and office workers. Desk light is a common equipment for home lighting and work, so a healthy and comfortable desk light is very important.

The use of desk light is very particular, because the light source of desk light is relatively concentrated and has strong directionality. When reading and writing, if the light is too close, the light is too strong, and there is glare, it will hurt the glasses. If the light is too far away, it is easy to be blocked by the head, hand and upper body, and also easy to appear glare. Therefore, when reading and learning, it should be based on the brightness of the light and the position of the user’s head . adjust the position of the light head appropriately to ensure that the brightness of books and desktops is appropriate.

The common desk light is easy to hurt your eyes, but it is not enough to prevent glare, blue light and stroboscopic light. Therefore, in the development of strict selection, high requirements are put forward for these three aspects. At any cost, double light sources are designed to balance the environmental light. The anti blue light effect should pass the strict EU light biosafety test, and the light flicker frequency should also be close to the natural light. When many users are drying their sheets, they use mobile camera to test the light with simple stroboscopic test. In fact, in this light, there is no flash area in the mobile screen.

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