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Ceiling Fans with LampCeiling Lights

Home decoration—Ceiling fan light

Ceiling fan light, is the perfect combination of lamp and ceiling fan. It has both decorative decoration and practicality of fan. It is the perfect embodiment of classical and modern. It is the first choice for interior decoration. Some decorative ceiling fans are also without lights, just because of its shape and color have a good decorative effect.

The lights and fans of the ceiling fan lights are individually controlled, but the two different functions of the appliances are combined together, as long as the installation is strong, there will be no problems, and generally can be used.

Classification of fan lights´╝Ü

Ceiling fan lights can be divided into two categories: fan leaf fan lights, invisible ceiling fan lights.

Among them, the invisible ceiling fan light is an upgraded version of the ordinary ceiling fan light, and its fan blade can be telescopic. When not in use, the fan blade is hidden above the lamp, and it looks like an LED lamp, which is beautiful and neat.

The blades of the invisible ceiling fan light are generally made of high-quality transparent acrylic blades. The number of blades is generally four. The blades are only deployed when the fan is running. When the fan is turned off, the blades automatically contract. Breaking the traditional ceiling fan design style, the appearance looks more simple and stylish.

Advantages of using fan lights´╝Ü

1: Decorative effect

From single color to colorful, the style has ordinary cas type, Victorian style, unique Italian style, European classical style, ancient Roman style featuring luxury and magnificence, mysterious ancient Greek style, modern simple and generous style, etc. You can match a variety of ceiling fan lights according to your own decoration style.

2.Energy saving

In all fans (table fans, vertical fans, ceiling fans, etc.), only the ceiling fan produces the largest amount of air under the same amount of electricity. The air volume is the product of wind speed and area, which is equivalent to water and water. The traffic is the same. Moreover, it has been found that the use of a ceiling fan in combination with an air conditioner can reduce the load of the air conditioner, and also makes it impossible for a person to catch a cold without a temperature difference in the room, and the comfort is quite good. The ceiling fan light solves the problem of conflicting installation positions between the ceiling lamp and the fan, which is very convenient.

Quiet and safe

Since most of the decorative ceiling fans are made of high-quality silicon steel sheets, the noise generated by the motor is much smaller than that of ordinary ceiling fans, and it is quieter. It is also safer to use wooden blades.

About the control method of the fan light´╝Ü

  1. Wall control method:

It is the speed control and control lights on the wall. The speed control knob and light switch are all on the same panel, and the light switch can also be installed separately.

  1. Pulling rope method:

There are two drawstrings on the ceiling fan, one control light controls the fan gear position, the lamp and the fan do not affect each other, and can be installed without multiple wiring.

  1. Remote control mode:

With the remote control speed and switch lights, easy to control, some remote control also has a timing function, sleep at night can be the fan timing. The installation is to install the receiver in the top seat, and you can install it without a single route.

The general remote control is the most common control method.

Basic application parameters´╝Ü

Common fan light size
Size 36inch 42inch 52inch
Expanded diameter/cm 91cm 107cm 132cm
Application area 5-10ŃÄí 10-18ŃÄí 18-20ŃÄí
LED power 24W 36W /
Motor Power 65W 65W 65W


Ceiling mounting height
Ceiling height 2.7-3.2m 3.3-3.5m 3.5-4.0m 4.0-4.3m
Recommended boom length 10-20cm 30-50cm 50-100cm 100-150cm
Fan blade to ground distance Floor height – boom height – body height


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