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Ceiling Lights

How to Install the Ceiling Light?

The ceiling light is generally installed on the top ceiling of the room. For the requirements of installation height, it is generally between 2.2m and 3M, at least not less than 2m,

For the space with lower storey height, you can choose thinner lights; for the space with higher storey height, you need to choose cylindrical lights with certain height. For some rooms with large area, you can also choose a uniform and varied ceiling light design and matching, which will produce new artistic effect of light environment. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Turn off the power. Turn off all lighting power supply and keep the socket power supply. Before installation, make sure to test with a pen to ensure that the lighting power supply is really dead before construction.
  2. Unpack and remove the light shade. I bought the light of Rex and OPP, one is to rotate and remove the light shade, the other is the card slot type, just break it off.
  3. Remove the light.
  4. Use the chassis to mark the drill hole on the ceiling.
  5. Drill the hole and lower the expansion rubber plug.
  6. Pass the wires through the chassis and secure the chassis with screws.
  7. Wiring.
  8. Put on the light, put on the light shade.

9. After all the lights are installed, turn on the power to test.

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