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Ceiling Lights

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceiling Fan Light

Generally, friends with feelings of ceiling fans should also like ceiling fan lights very much. Ceiling fan light is a kind of modern home decoration product combining the function of light and ceiling fan. In the hot summer, it can bring us cool and wind. In the evening, we can also use it for lighting, which is a good choice in modern home decoration.
Advantages of ceiling fan lights
1. Style diversification at present, the ceiling fan light in the market has achieved diversified design, which is in line with the collocation of most modern home decoration, the diversity of color system, and the design is more in line with our public aesthetic point of view. The style has gradually moved from the traditional single to diversified and diversified.
2. Practicability, controlled by remote control, can sleep regularly. conserve energy ,reduce emissions. More quiet, design concept in line with the public point of use, noise reduction, using high-quality silicon steel design. It can be used to prevent air conditioning syndrome.
Disadvantages of ceiling fan light
1. Although there are many ceiling fan lights in the current market, the problem is that they are uneven and difficult to choose. There is also a problem that there are many fake products, which will cause trouble in our choice.
2. In terms of installation and lighting, we need to know that if we want to follow the ceiling fan light, then, first of all, we need to have enough height in our living room, so as not to cause a sense of oppression. Secondly, our thinking concept always has a sense of oppression. If you think about it, there is such a big thing on the top of the head, there will always be a feeling in our mind, “will it fall down?”. This is also a disadvantage. In terms of lighting, it has a slight eye shaking feeling, which is also a defect.

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